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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 1

Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps SIHIhydrolift VETP PUMP TECHNOLOGY VETP 133.20501.51.01 E 09/2006 TECHNICAL DATA Capacity: max. 7000 m³/h Head: max. 350 m Speed: max. 3600 rpm Casing pressure: PN 40 other on request Shaft sealing: gland packing or Mechanical seal Flange connection: UNI 2333 PN 16 / PN 25 Direction of rotation: anti-clockwise, when looking at the Pump from the drive end APPLICATION Vertical line-shaft turbine pumps of the series SIHIhydrolift VETP used for pumping of clean and slightly contaminated liquids, particularly applicable for applications as - Cooling water - Water supply - Irrigation - Filter Backwash - Pressure Boosting - Storm water - Water lift duties - Industrial processes - Hazardous liquids in addition wherever vertical pumps are deemed most suitable for the application concerned. DESIGN Vertical single or multi-stage line-shaft turbine pumps for wet pit or dry installations with closed, open, semi-open or radial impeller. The column shaft pipes have flanged connections and assembled with line shaft bearings. The line shafts are connected with keyed or threaded couplings. The axial thrust bearing is mounted in the pump headpiece. CONSTRUCTION Casing pressure: Maximal 40 bar (other on request) Please note: The relevant technical regulations and safety rules must be observed. Casing pressure = inlet pressure + delivery head at zero flow Flange location: Suction flange vertical, discharge flange horizontal. Flanges: Flanges correspond to UNI 2333/ PN 16 / PN 25. Flanges drilled according to ANSI 150 can be supplied. Hydraulic: Different impeller types are available for the hydraulic of the pump. Depending on the application closed, open or semiopen impellers are available. Bearing: The bearing of the line shaft is realised with a special sleeve, that is quipped with a rubber-bearing bush and lubricated by the pumped liquid. The axial thrust is balanced with a grease lubricated double row, angular contact bearing or oil lubricated roller bearing. Direction of rotation: Anti-clockwise, when looking at the pump from the drive end. Shaft sealing: The shaft is sealed by gland packing or mechanical seal.

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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 2

2 SIHIhydrolift VETP – Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps Motor IEC and NEMA configuration. Standard and non-standard. Discharge Head - Cast or fabricated - Motor stool includes thrust bearing oil or grease lubricated - Gland packing or mechanical seal - Shaft and sleeve in stainless steel - Non-reverse ratchet Column - Flanged design in steel - Shaft in stainless steel with chrome-plated sleeves - Bearings in rubber Bowl Assembly - Optimised for high efficiency - Different material executions - Impeller are taper look or keyed - Suction accessories: basket, vortex suppressor, cone

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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 3

3 SIHIhydrolift VETP – Advantages • Above/below floor discharge • Various driver options including right angle gear for diesel engines • Compatible with IEC motors • Flanged bowl and columns as standard • Gland packing or mechanical seal • Thrust bearing mounted in pump headpiece • Anti-reserve ratched as standard • Oversized, double row, angular contact bearing to take axial thrust • Standardised column sections in length up to 3 m • Shaft sleeves as standard • Spacer coupling available for easy replacement of the mechanical seal VETP – Range Chart 50 Hz 60 Hz

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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 4

4 SIHIhydrolift VETP – Technical Details Thrust Bearing Line Shaft oil lubricated grease lubricated bearing bearing Shaft Coupling enclose line shaft open line shaft Impellers keyed type threaded type Shaft Sealing Closed impeller open impeller gland packing mechanical seal Drivers vertically hollow shaft bevel gear solid shaft motor

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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 5

5 SIHIhydrolift VETP – Installation wet pit installation dry installation discharge orifice Canned pump below ground level in-line canned pump deep well turbine hydro boost

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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 6

6 SIHIhydrolift VETP – Sectional Drawing No. Description Material 2 Impeller Bronze 6 Pump shaft Stainless steel 15 Discharge bowl flanged Cast iron 39 Sleeve bearing Bronze 51 Column shaft pipe Carbon steel 52 Line shaft Stainless steel 53 Coupling line shaft threaded Stainless steel 54 Bearing line shaft Cast iron 55 Suction bell Cast iron 55B Bearing bushing Rubber Perbunan 56 Sleeve line shaft Chrome plated 58 O-Ring retainer Rubber Perbunan 84 Collet impeller lock Steel 201 Discharge head Cast iron 202 Motor stool Steel 203 Thrust and radial bearing case Cast iron 204 Bearing carrier...

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Vertical Line-Shaft Turbine Pumps - 8

8 S t e r l i n g S I H I G m b H Halbergstr. 1, D-67061 Ludwigshafen, Germany, Telephone: +49 (0)621 / 5612-0, Telefax: +49 (0)621 / 5612-201

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