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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

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Product Brands of Distinction ACEC™ Centrifugal Pumps Aldrich™ Pumps Byron Jackson® Pumps Pump Supplier to the World Flowserve is the driving force in the global industrial pump marketplace. No other pump company in the world has the depth or breadth of expertise in the successful application of pre-engineered, engineered, and special purpose pumps and systems. Calder™ Energy Recovery Devices Flowserve provides pumping solutions that permit Cameron™ Pumps customers to reduce total life cycle costs and improve productivity, profitability and pumping system reliability. Durc°® Process...

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SIHI ® LPH-X – Cool, robust and cost effective ... Reliability, that has stood the test of time, ensures this generation of vacuum pump is positioned to tackle the most demanding applications. For almost 100 years SIHI ® has maintained its innovative position as a leading supplier of liquid ring vacuum and liquid ring compressor technologies. The comprehensive SIHI ® range of liquid ring vacuum pumps is available in single and two stage designs, with suction capacity up to 12 000 m³/h (7063 cfm) and pressures in the range 33 (25) to 1013 mbar (760 Torr) without further boosting equipment....

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The SIHI® LPH-X range has been designed to incorporate the best features of the widely accepted LPHA range whilst improving the overall design, reducing part complexity and cutting life cycle costs. The benefits are lower maintenance, reduced requirement for spare parts, enhanced reliability and increased customer satisfaction. Simple installation & Integration • Universal flanges: DIN/EN, ANSI, and JIS Increased shaft stiffness for extended seal life • Reduced distance between bearings Secure component sealing • O-ring seals • Reduced number of sealing faces Diverse material options •...

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Features • Complies with ATEX legislation • Single and two stage • Modular construction • Compact design • Extensive range of sizes, materials and shaft sealings Cavitation protection • Enhanced performance and reliability Flexible sealing Materials Item

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The Proven Vacuum Solution The modular SIHI ® LPH-X is an ideal choice for the most demanding vacuum applications. Near isothermal compression presents an opportunity to handle thermally sensitive, and explosive, media in a secure manner. ATEX Category 1, without flame-arrestors underpins the wide-reaching flexibility of the liquid-ring principal together with low noise and its suitability for temperatures up to 170 °C (338 °F). Water doesn’t need to be the Liquid Ring... • Water is conventional, clean, and accessible • Hydrocarbons can be chilled to promote processcondensation for...

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Global Service and Technical Support Life Cycle Cost Solutions Typically, 90 % of the total life cycle cost (LCC) of a Typical Pump Life Cycle Costs1 pumping system is accumulated after the equipment is purchased and installed. Flowserve has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at providing customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of the pumping system. These solutions account for every facet of life cycle cost, including: Capital Expenses • Initial purchase • Installation Operating Expenses • Energy consumption • Maintenance • Production...

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Byron Jackson gjgWorthington Simpson' Katb^Eniergy Recovery: Devices Bulletin PS-110-1a (E/A4) May 2016. © 2016 Flowserve Corporation To find your local Flowserve representative: For more information about Flowserve Corporation, visit or call +1 937 890 5839.

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