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Liquid Ring Compressors

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Product Brands of Distinction ACEC™ Centrifugal Pumps Aldrich™ Pumps Byron Jackson® Pumps Pump Supplier to the World Flowserve is the driving force in the global industrial pump marketplace. No other pump company in the world has the depth or breadth of expertise in the successful application of pre-engineered, engineered, and special purpose pumps and systems. Calder™ Energy Recovery Devices Flowserve provides pumping solutions that permit Cameron™ Pumps customers to reduce total life cycle costs and improve productivity, profitability and pumping system reliability. Durc°® Process...

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Typical Applications • Compression • Filter drying • Saturation • Recovery • Flue gas cleaning with membranes Liquid ring compressors Liquid ring compressors are designed to compress all different kind of gases and vapours. They are most commonly used in applications where safety, reliability and special process conditions are required. This well proved technology of our liquid ring compressors allows you to operate under the most severe process conditions with gases of Zone “0”. Industries/Markets • Chemistry • Pharmacy • Petrochemicals • Plastics • Foodstuffs • Paper • Biogas The...

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Liquid ring compressors up to 6.5 bar (94 psi) Medium and large liquid ring compressors with a compression pressure of up to 6.5 bar (94 psi) generally have a simple construction. Single-acting design A multi-bladed impeller is mounted eccentrically in a circular casing. When the casing is partially filled with liquid and the impeller is set into rotary motion, this causes the liquid ring to be formed concentrically to the casing axis as a result of centrifugal force. This results in a volumetric expansion in the section of the outflowing liquid ring, thus causing the medium to be drawn in...

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Liquid ring compressors up to 12 bar (174 psi) KPH KPHX For special applications, with compression pressures up to 12 bar (174 psi), liquid ring compressors employ a combination of a single and a double-acting design. Combined acting design For realisation of high compression pressures at large volumetric flow rates the liquid ring compressors are developed with a combination of single and doubleacting design. The machines are working almost with a isothermal three-stage compression. In the double-acting design the impeller is arranged concenrtically in the casing. The particular shape...

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Liquid ring compressors: simple, robust and innovative Liquid ring compressors are commonly used in processes because of their ability to use any kind of service liquids. This feature makes the liquid ring compressors unique for special applications where process contamination is prohibit. • Can handle almost all gases and vapours • Environmentally friendly because of nearly isothermal compression • Oil-free, as no lubrication in the working chamber • Additional liquid can be handled with the gas flow • Easy maintenance and reliable operation • Low noise and nearly free from vibration •...

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Global Service and Technical Support Life Cycle Cost Solutions Typically, 90 % of the total life cycle cost (LCC) of a Typical Pump Life Cycle Costs1 pumping system is accumulated after the equipment is purchased and installed. Flowserve has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at providing customers with unprecedented value and cost savings throughout the life span of the pumping system. These solutions account for every facet of life cycle cost, including: Capital Expenses • Initial purchase • Installation Operating Expenses • Energy consumption • Maintenance • Production...

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Byron Jackson gjgWorthington Simpson' Katb^Eniergy Recovery: Devices Bulletin PS-110-2a (E/A4) May 2016. © 2016 Flowserve Corporation To find your local Flowserve representative: For more information about Flowserve Corporation, visit or call +1 937 890 5839.

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