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SIHI LEMD Compact Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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Reduced lifecycle cost and increase reliability in industrial vacuum pump applications The SIHI® LEMD range of close-coupled liquid ring vacuum pumps delivers dependable vapor, gas and liquid carryover performance with outstanding reliability in even the toughest applications. Engineered to eliminate unnecessary complexity and use standard electric motors, this robust pump boasts a low total cost of ownership and long service life. Maintenance is easy and spare parts inventory requirements are minimal. And, it’s compact proportions are ideal for installations with limited space. But that...

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Benefits summary • Superior vapor and gas handling performance • Cool operation with near isothermal compression • High volumetric flow rate • Application versatility • Outstanding reliability • Extended service life • Simple maintenance • Corrosion-resistant impeller • Additional liquid carryover • Low spare parts inventory requirements • Small footprint • ATEX Category 2 without flame-arresters Operating parameters • Suction volume flow: up to 450 m3/h (265 cfm) • Suction pressure: 33 to 1013 mbar (24 to 760 Torr) • Inlet gas temperature: up to 200°C (392°F) Interchangeability with LEM...

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SIHI LEMD: performance through design The SIHI LEMD compact, single-stage vacuum pump is expressly designed for the varied vacuum applications found in health care, food and beverage processing, plastics production and other general industries. Available in eight sizes with discharge outlets from 25 to 65 mm (1 to 2.5 in), the LEMD offers outstanding application versatility without compromising performance or reliability. And, its robust but simple design keeps total cost of ownership and maintenance requirements low. Standard electric motors The SIHI LEMD uses standard electric motors to...

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ATEX-ready design Compact and configurable The small footprint of the SIHI LEMD pump is ideal for installations where space is limited. Configurable inlet and outlet connections simplify installation. • Threaded inlet and outlet connections at the vertical, 45°, 90° (with adapters) or horizontal position are available for all sizes up to 105 m3/h (62 cfm) • Flanged inlet and outlet connections are available in sizes from 105 m3/h to 450 m3/h (62 to 265 cfm) Maintenance friendly The LEMD has been engineered to reduce complexity. That improves reliability and simplifies maintenance. • Motor...

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Special configurations Steam condensation for sterilization For the sterilization process in the health care industry, the SIHI LEMD Steam vacuum pump is available. This special configuration is able to condense steam internally, with peak condensing power to 100 kW. Installation of a plate-type condenser and piping is not required, resulting in lower installation costs and space savings. Features • Integrated pre-condenser with high performance up to 100 kW • External condenser can be omitted • Up to 40% less water consumption than systems with external condenser • Installation ease with...

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Available condition and performance monitoring Condition monitors Cost-effective, long-range wireless data acquisition and transmission, providing information for equipment maintenance optimization. Predictive analysis Insight platform High-speed data acquisition and predictive analytic capabilities for flow control equipment. Cloud-based or locally hosted platform leveraging deep predictive analytics based on both OEM engineering algorithms and machine learning to help optimize system performance, better understand potential failure modes, and help avoid unplanned downtime. Not only can...

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Flowserve Corporation 5215 North O’Connor Blvd. Suite 2300 Irving, Texas 75039-5421 USA Telephone: +1 937 890 5839 Flowserve Corporation has established industry le When properly selected, this Flowserve product i its useful life. However, the purchaser or user ■ products might be used in numerous application Although Flowserve can provide general guidelin possible applications. The purchaser/user must th sizing and selection, installation, operation, and should read and understand the Installation Instru and contractors in the safe use of Flowserve prod While the information and...

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