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Side Channel Pumps CEH 1201 ... 6108 CEH 1201/6 ... 6107/6 with magnetic coupling - 1

Side Channel Pumps CEH 1201 ... 6108 CEH 1201/6 ... 6107/6 with magnetic coupling PUMP TECHNOLOGY CEH P III / 16 133.51325.54.01 E 08/98 TECHNICAL DATA Output: max. 35 m³/h Delivery head: max. 354 m (at 1450 rpm) Speed: max. 1800 rpm Temperature: max. 180 °C Casing pressure: PN 40 / PN 25 Shaft sealing: without shaft seal because of magnetic coupling Flange connections: DIN 2501 PN 40 Direction of rotation: anti-clockwise, seen from the drive on the pump APPLICATION CEH pumps are side channel pumps with NPSH inducer stage suitable to handle liquids which do not contain solid matters or abrasive admixtures. The NPSH inducer stage allows the operation under unfavourable pumping conditions at suction side, also at positive suction heads lower than 0,5 m. The special ability of these pumps to handle liquids at the boiling point has led to a wide field of application when condensate, distillate, coolant and liquefied gas shall be pumped. CEH pumps are applied in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the plastic and rubber industry, in the surface finishing and hardening, in the foot, beverage and tobacco industry and in the air conditioning and refrigeration engineering. Pumps of the series CEH××××/6 with retaining sage to guarantee the min. filling level in the pump are especially applied to handle liquids under vapour pressure, also from underground tanks. DESIGN Pumps of the series CEH are horizontal, selfpriming side channel pumps, capable of handling gas along with the medium, in segmentaltype construction, with open vane wheel impeller as well as prearranged centrifugal stage for attaining favourable NPSH values. The sealing to atmosphere is effected glandless by an isolation shroud; the driver power is transmitted contactless by a magnetic coupling. The use of stable permanent magnetic material ensures the transmission of the nominal torque and given protection against overload. On the basis of the compact close coupled design has been created a pumping unit that is easily to be installed. All IEC standard motors of the construction type IM B 35 are applicable. This design permits the operation of the pump without any additional coupling. Thus the alignment, a source of trouble, can be omitted. The pumps of the series CEH××××/6 are equipped with an additional retaining stage, behind the centrifugal stage, to prevent the emptying of the pump during standstill and thus keeping the selfpriming ability of the pump. The simple construction of the pump allows the assembly or disassembly without special tools. CONSTRUCTION Casing pressure: Construction size 1200, 3100, 3600, 4100, 5101 to 5104:PN 40 Construction size 5105 to 5108, 6100 :PN 25 Please note: Casing pressure = zero head + inlet pressure Test pressure 52 bar resp. 33 bar Branch positions: Suction branch arranged axially, discharge branch radially upwards. Flanges: The flanges comply with DIN 2535/PN 40 Flanges according to DIN 2512 with groove and bored to ANSI 150 or 300 as well as to BS table F is possible. Hydraulics: First hydraulics, designation of this construction type: A. Bearings: The pump shaft runs in two sleeve bearings of pure silicon carbide (SiC), lubricated by the pumping medium The remaining axial forces are absorbed by axial sleeve bearings. Optionally available a friction reducing coating of the bushings to avoid critical operation. The outer magnet is directly fixed on the motor shaft consequently the external bearing becomes unnecessary. Designation of this construction type: .F Sense of rotation: Anti-clockwise when seen from the drive on the pump. Shaft sealing: Without shaft seals by an isolation shroud Transmission of the driving moment by a magnetic coupling. Designation of this construction type: see last page. CEH pump with shell

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Side Channel Pumps CEH 1201 ... 6108 CEH 1201/6 ... 6107/6 with magnetic coupling - 2

2 Material design: MATERIAL DESIGN * Pos. BAUTELE 1A 1B 1F *** 4B 4F *** 10.60 10.70 10.80, 10.90 11.40, 11.41 10.81 suction casing discharge casing intermediate piece retaining stage GGG 40.3 (0.7043) G-X 6 Cr Ni Mo 18 10 (1.4408) 21.00 shaft up to 4-stufig: 1.4462; from 5 stages: 1.4021 X 2 Cr Ni Mo N 22 5 (1.4462) 23.10 impeller GG 25 (0.6025) G-X 6 Cr Ni Mo 18 10 (1.4408) 23.50 vane wheel impeller Cu Zn 40 Al 2 (2.0550) G-X 20 Cr 14 (1.4027 05) PAEK G-X 3 Cr Ni Mo Cu 26 6 (1.4517) PAEK 0242 bearing bush - special carbon 31.40 52.90, 52.91 54.00, 54.01 thrust bearing bushing bearing bush...

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Side Channel Pumps CEH 1201 ... 6108 CEH 1201/6 ... 6107/6 with magnetic coupling - 3

3 FUNCTION Partial flow: For the cooling of the isolation shroud, heated up by eddy currents, a partial flow is derived which at the same time serves as lubricant for the ceramic sleeve bearings. The partial flow flows through two longitudinal bores in the discharge casing into the isolation shroud and is led back through the hollow bored shaft and the balance bores of the rear vane wheel impeller to its suction side. By the pumping capability of the inner magnet, inside the isolation shroud a circulation flow is created which flows through the longitudinal bores of the inner magnet towards...

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Side Channel Pumps CEH 1201 ... 6108 CEH 1201/6 ... 6107/6 with magnetic coupling - 4

4 Sectional drawing and nomenclature CEH 10.60 suction casing 23.50 vane wheel impeller 81.70 isolation shroud 10.70 discharge casing 31.40 thrust bearing 81.71 flange for can 10.80 intermediate piece 34.60 stool 84.71 interior magnet 10.90, 10.91 suction piece 38.10 bearing carrier 84.72 exterior magnet 11.40, 11.41 discharge piece 52.50, 52.51 spacer 84.80 driving flange 21.00 shaft 52.90, 52.91 sleeve 90.60 shaft screw 23.10 impeller 54.00 bearing bush CEH /6 10.60 suction casing 23.10 impeller 54.00 bearing bush 10.70 discharge casing 23.50 vane wheel impeller 81.70 isolation shroud...

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Side Channel Pumps CEH 1201 ... 6108 CEH 1201/6 ... 6107/6 with magnetic coupling - 17

17 Order hints selection table - 3-phase AC motors, speed: n=1450 rpm IP 54 EEx e II T3 (Ex e G3) IP 54 and IP 54 EEx d II T3 (TEF) size nominal power [kW] SIHI designation nominal power [kW] SIHI designation 80A 0,55 FK 0,55 FB 80B 0,75 GK 0,75 GB 90 S 1,0 HK 1,1 HB 90 L 1,35 JK 1,5 JB 100 L 1 2,0 KK 2,2 KB 100 L 2 2,5 LK 3,0 LB 112 M 3,6 MK 4,0 MB 132 S 5,0 NK 5,5 NB 132 M 6,8 PK 7,5 PB 160 M 10,0 SK 11,0 SB 160 L 13,5 UK 15,0 UB 180 M 15,0 VK 18,5 VB 180 L 17,5 WK 22,0 WB 200 L 24,0 XK 30,0 XB 225 S 30,0 ZK 37,0 ZB 225 M 36,0 AK 45,0 AB 250 M 44,0 BK 55,0 BB Example of order A two stage...

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