Series CEB, 65 ltr/min, 15 bar, 60 °C


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Series CEB, 65 ltr/min, 15 bar, 60 °C - 1

CEB 2000 Closed coupled vertical tank pump Manetic drive with special NPSH impeller for AutoGas filling stations Technical data Output Differential pressure Casing pressure Shaft sealing Sealless magnetic coupling Flange connection Anti-clockwise, when seen from the drive end Casing material Application Vertical, extended tank pump essentially for handling liquids that are either boiling or stored at their vapour pressure. Particularly suited to AutoGas filling stations. One of the primary features of this side-channel type of pump is the special suction impeller that requires extremely low levels of NPSH. CEB pumps have been specifically designed for use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas and other liquefied gases. Design SIHI side channel units are a low noise design of combination pump. They are ideal for pumping liquids that are stored at their boiling point, have a degree of entrained gas, or very low NPSH conditions. The vertical tank pump has been designed in order to enable retro-fitting into most common tanks. Moreover, the dimensions are such that the unit can be used to replace submersible designs of pump. Although the pump can be supplied in other lengths, the standard size is between 1.3 -& 3.0 m. Construction Casing pressure: Max. 40 bar from –40oC up to +60oC. Please observe: Technical and safety regulations that apply to installation. Casing pressure = inlet pressure + delivery head at minimum output. Flange position: Tank flange vertical, discharge flange horizontal. Connection: Flange design to DIN 2534 / PN40 or DIN 2512 with groove and spring. Other drillings available upon request. ANSI 300 as well possible. Hydraulic: Side channel hydraulic with NPSH inducer stage. Bearing: Two product lubricated SiC sleeve bearings with plus additional intermediate bearings throughout the extended shaft. Shaft sealing: Sealless/Magnetic drive. Power transmission effected by magnetic coupling. Importantly, this is a modular design adapted from our extensive range of sealless pumps. Casing seal: The static casing seals are made from seal liquid. Drive: By standard electric motor, IM V1or B5.

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Series CEB, 65 ltr/min, 15 bar, 60 °C - 2

General comments: SIHI offers a variety of conventionally sealed and seal-less pumps for pumping up to 220m 3/hr LPG from both underground and aboveground vessels. The product seeks to cover the three main concepts of: Flooded suction, for above ground tanks; Priming, for below ground; and Submerged, for above and below ground. For elevated flow rates delivery pressures, again with very favourable NPSH conditions, Sterling SIHI offer an additional range of vertical tank pumps. This is the CEB 3101 6104. Both are available with magnetic coupling. For general industrial applications involving...

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Series CEB, 65 ltr/min, 15 bar, 60 °C - 3

Material design Material design Position Discharge casing Intermediate piece Vane wheel impeller Sleeve bearing Special carbon Thrust bearing sleeve bearing Isolation shroud Inner magnet Outer magnet Top casing Sleeve bearing Discharge casing Intermediate piece Shaft Impeller Vane wheel impeller Thrust bearing Stool Sleeve bearing Isolation shroud Inner magnet Outer magnet

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Series CEB, 65 ltr/min, 15 bar, 60 °C - 4

Performance curve NPSH reference line Q [l/min] size and number of stages 2002 EEXe / EEXd

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