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Dry running vacuum pumps SIHIdry M100 GENERAL TECHNICAL DATA Suction capacity 100 m³/h Final pressure < 0,7 mbar abs Gas outlet temperature < 135 °C Power absorption at the final pressure 2,5 kW Purge gas consumption max. 20 Nl/min Cooling water Tmin + 10°C Cooling water Tmax + 35°C Sound level < 54 dB(A) Weight of the vacuum system approx. 260 kg CONSTRUCTION TYPE The vacuum system SIHIdryM100 is based upon the dry running twin screw principle. The screw-shaped displacing bodies counter-rotate without contact. The pump inlet is at the top and the outlet at the geodetically lowest position (top-down pumping). In contrast to conventional pumps the both screw spindles are not mechanically but electronically synchronized. This innovative drive conception is the basis for a stepwise development of the vacuum pump to an intelligent vacuum system which takes on additional functions as the valve-, and pressure control for example. Furthermore the intelligent system offers the possibility to exactly monitor the important process data in order to ensure a maximum of process safety. DESIGN The vacuum system SIHIdryM100 has been developed for the use in areas with and without explosion hazard. The flexibility of the modular system allows its adaptation to any process according to the attached selection table. The cooling water circuit which contains a casing shell allows the adjustment of the surface and gas temperatures. The drive control system protects the mechanical components as well as the motors against overload. Under extremely difficult operating conditions as e.g. backwater surge the system automatically reduces its speed so that any damages are avoided. PROPERTIES - No oil lubrication / sealing liquid in the working chamber - No gearing and no transmission lubricant - Shaft seal without contact - Rapid disassembly of the pumping chamber without bearing dismounting - Shock pressure proof casing (16 bar test pressure) - Electronic drive synchronization free of wear 133.76107.52.01 E VACUUMTECHNOLOGY DRY M100 04/2008

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Characteristic Every operating point below the given characteristic curve is possible with the drive variant DYNAMIC by the input of the speed set point (down to the minimum speed). 11010010000,11101001000suction pressure [mbar]suction capacity [m³/h] Sectional drawing Materials 16.2016.0024.1010.3050.0035.0010.4016.2016.0024.1010.3050.0035.0010.4016.2016.0024.1010.3050.0035.0010.4016.2016.0024.1010.30500035.0010.40Item Construction part Material 10.30 Casing EN-GJS-400-18-LT (GGG 40.3) 10.40 Motor casing EN-GJS-400-18-LT (GGG 40.3) 16.20 Casing cover EN-GJS-400-18-LT (GGG 40.3) 24.10 Twin...

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COOLING MECHANISM 1 2 Indirect cooling of the working chamber: 1 cooling water ring 2 indirect cooling by a cooling loop 3

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SCOPE OF SUPPLY The basic design of SIHIdry incorporates static FEP O-Ring type casing seals along with the following components: - Drive electronics fitted in the connecting casing - Cooling water circuit for cooling of the pump casing, drive motors, and twin-screws - Suction strainer in order to avoid detrimental particle ingress into the pump. VARIATION IN DRIVE CONTROL BASIC SIHIdryserial InterfaceBASICSIHIdryAC SupplyBASIC2 x Input2 x OutputSIHIdryserial Output Includes: - Fixed speed - Input: start/stop - Input: reset of failure - Output: operation/failure - Serial interface DYNAMIC...

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5 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Module Purge Gas Ex The standard EExP gas system regulates, controls, and monitors the inert N2 pressure at the shaft seal. It permits the unit to be installed within a hazardous area according to the ATEX – directive. The system is completely integrated and parameterised. Secondary Cooling Water Circuit Complete with circulating pump, flow indicator, pressure accumulator, adjustment valves, thermostatic control valve, and heat exchanger; this extensive option is fully integrated into the base-plate. This is particularly useful in areas where site cooling water feed...

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Operator Indicator Panel Module Available when the drive variant CONTROL is requested, the panel provides the operator with a simple visual indication of the pump parameters. Characteristics like speed, pressure, torque, temperature, and the important angular difference, are available from a simple push button menu, and can be seen within the LCD. PARAdry Parameter Modification Module Eliminating the need to employ PLC programmers, the PARAdry software enables the principle process engineer to modify specific pump parameters. Such parameters are at the discretion of the customer and may...

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DIMENSION TABLE Subject to change without prior notice. 7

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