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FLIR PT-602CZ - 1

PT-602CZ Thermal imaging camera for medium and long range security applications

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FLIR PT-602CZ - 2

FLIR PT-602CZ thermal imaging camera for ­ medium and long range security applications The PT-602CZ multi-sensor is equipped with a highly reliable, mid-wave, cooled detector which offers mid- to long range detection in all weather conditions. The thermal imaging camera offers a continuous optical and electronic zoom. This offers excellent situational awareness while also giving the possibility to zoom in at suspect activities, and have a closer look, once they are detected. The PT-602CZ precision pan/tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully...

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FLIR PT-602CZ - 3

Thermal imaging camera Pan/Tilt mechanism with TCP/IP compatible electronics Daylight/low light camera Precise Pan/Tilt mechanism The PT-602CZ thermal imaging cameras come with a precision pan/tilt mechanism. It allows the user to rotate the camera 360° continuously and to tilt it +90° or -90°. This drastically increases situational awareness. The Pan/Tilt has 128 preset positions. Ideal if you want to scan an area continuously. Radar Connection – “Slew to cue” The PT-602CZ can be connected by the integrator to a radar system. If the radar detects an object, the PT-602CZ will automatically...

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FLIR PT-602CZ - 4

PT-602CZ Technical specifications Imaging peRformance Thermal: Detector type Spectral range Thermal sensitivity Image frequency Focus Optical zoom Digital zoom Field of view Cooled Focal Plane Array (FPA) 640x512 pixels 3 to 5 µm <30 mK @ 25 °C Video standard PAL/NTSC Focus free at infinity, athermal continuous zoom Continuous Continuously adjustable WFOV 28° x 22,4° (PAL) 28° x 21° (NTSC) NFOV 2° x 1.6° (PAL) 2° x 1.5° (NTSC) Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) Visual: Built-in digital video Effective pixels Standard lens performance Electronic zoom 1/4” Exview...

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