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Designed for Your Wavelength on • Longwave, Midwave and Shortwave IR and Low-Light Visible Cameras • Laser Pointers, Rangefinders and Illuminators • ROIC Design • High-Performance Pan/Tilts

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Ride a Wavelength with FLIR Tau CNV is a mil-spec, ultra-low light color or monochrome OEM camera designed for military electro-optical systems and high-end security systems. FLIR's standard Readout Integrated Circuit (ROIC] products provide an off-the-shelf solution for the most demanding vision system applications. Our ROICs are compatible with infrared, visible, ultraviolet, and x-ray detectors. Partner With FLIR OEM The OEM group at FLIR Systems is ready with products that can be "designed in," whether your application needs longwave, midwave, shortwave, near infrared or will cover the...

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FRangefinders, Illuminators Si Pointers FLIR offers solid state laser-based rangefinders that offer best-in-class performance for SWAP-centric applications and VCSEL-based IR illuminators that deliver speckle-free, highly efficient NIR/SWIR lighting. Tau SWIR incorporates high-performance InGaAs FPAs with BOO - 1,700 nm spectral response. A variety of resolution models are available; all of them feature exposure control, sub-windowing and much more. InGaAs FPAs in formats between 128 x 128 and 1920 x 1080 pixels are also available. Photon HRC is one of the smallest high-resolution MWIR...

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Where There's Infrared, There's FLIR

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The World's Leading Thermal Imaging Cone Provider FLIR OEM offers commercial, off-the-shelf thermal imaging camera cores and other components to a multitude of industries. As thermal imaging becomes more affordable it becomes more prevalent. FLIR continues to invest in innovation, as is evidenced by the fact that FLIR Quark is the smallest thermal camera in existence. FLIR DEM solutions are used in the following industries and many more: • Medical Imaging • Emergency Services There are more FLIR thermal imaging camera cores in the field than every other manufacturer combined.

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Macro Thermal Performance for Clockwise, from upper left corner: FLIR Quark, AeroVlronment Switchblade UAV, Switchblade launch, man crossing road, bus depot and man crossing a landing strip. Thermal Imaging Multi-Tool Tau 2 is the latest generation product in FLIR's Tau series of longwave infrared CLWIR] uncooled thermal imaging camera cores. While the form and fit remain unchanged between the two Tau generations, Tau 2's electronics allow for simple upgrades in features and functionality as they come online. Tau 2 is available in four resolutions and multiple configurations: • The...

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Micro Payloads Design in FLIR Quark to your thermal sight, helmet or small UAV because it's the world's smallest longwave infrared camera. You'll deliver macro thermal imaging performance because Quark comes from FLIR - the industry leader in innovation, performance, reliability and price. A quantum leap ahead in the design and capability of longwave thermal camera cores, Quark provides leading-edge imaging performance and reliability in a compact, lightweight package. Quark's innovative design is enabled by wafer- level packaging of the microbolometer sensor. • Available in 33B and B4Q...

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LWIR Makes a Dependable Co-Pilot Clockwise, from upper left corner: FLIR PathFindIR, in-dash display, PathFindIR grill mount, deer crossing a road and visible light image showing that headlights haven't yet detected the deer. Keeping Your Cool in the Photon HRC is one of the smallest high-resolution CB4D x 512) MWIR cooled camera cores in the world. Based on our 15-micron pitch, high- performance, low-power, Indium Antimonide ClnSb] focal plane array, the Photon HRC camera core consists of a detector/dewar/cooler assembly [DDCA] and the camera electronics. The uCore-2"75Z and Mini-Core have...

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PathFindIR is an automotive-qualified system designed primarily for driving vision enhancement CDVE] applications. PathFindIR is based on a 320 x 240 thermal camera system with a 3B-micron pixel pitch and integral 19mm lens. PathFindIR is a hermetically sealed system, rated to IP-B"7, with an integrated, automatic window heater using a 12VDG input power source. Standard NTSC or PAL video is output for compatibility with most monitors or displays. □ue to its size, performance, low cost, and high reliability, PathFindIR is the ideal thermal camera for OEM customers who need an...

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Shortwave IR Advantages: Long on Clockwise, from upper left corner: FLIR Tau SWIR, gimbal containing a Tau SWIR, oil platform through haze with inset image from a visible light camera, details behind paint, passive night vision and an example of camouflage rendered useless. Highly sensitive Tau CNV™ [color night vision] cameras incorporate state-of- the-art CMOS technology. Offering up to 1Dx better low-light performance than block cameras, CNV is ideal for defense electro-optical OEMs and commercial security system integrators. • 25,000:1 dynamic range [true 16-bit performance] • <2e Crms]...

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Tau SWIR is a family of miniature shortwave camera cores designed for easy integration into electro-optical payloads, including stabilized camera turrets, next-generation weapon sights, targeting systems, UAV/UGV platforms and night vision devices. • Thinned high-performance InGaAs [Indium Gallium Arsenide] FPA greatly reduces bright light source image artifacts • BDD - 1 ,"7DO nm spectral response Cmost models] • No image latency - ideal for working with laser pointers • SWAP+C optimized design • Variable frame rate control • Camera Link, low-voltage CMOS digital and analog video outputs •...

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Zero In Your System with SWIR & Clockwise, from upper left corner: NIR Laser Illuminator, gimbal system, Miniature Laser Rangefinder/Altimeter, MLR3K Laser Rangefinder, Miniature Laser Pointer and VCSEL Diode Pump. Off-the-Shelf Compatibility FLIR OEM's standard Readout Integrated Circuit CROIC) products provide an off-the-shelf solution for the most demanding vision system applications. □ur ROICs are compatible with infrared, visible, ultraviolet and x-ray detectors. Standard ROICs are used in systems for digital mammography, near-infrared spectroscopy, near-, mid- and long-wavelength...

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