Y-Type™ Polyurethane and arbide Secondary Cleaner


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Polyurethane and Carbide Secondary Cleaner Simple. Affordable. Effective. The Y-Type™ Secondary Belt Cleaner improves belt cleaning efficiency and reduces routine maintenance tasks. With an easy, do-it-yourself installation and simple, serviceable blades, all at an affordable price, it makes for an ideal solution for your belt cleaning needs. Option to remove and replace blades individually or as a complete cartridge 2-3/8" (60mm) Standard Duty and 2-7/8 (72 mm) HD diameter pole 3" (75mm) wide blade segments Y-Type Standard Duty Carbide Easy blade removal Y-Type Heavy Duty Polyurethane YST Spring tensioner keeps constant pressure on the belt Clearly marked wear line indicates when blades need replacing Purple Polyurethane Blade (Durometer 86A) Optional White/Food Grade Polyurethane Blade (Durometer 83A) Standard Duty Heavy Duty Features and Benefits • Belt speeds up to 600 fpm (3M/s) for standard duty, up to 750 fpm (3.8M/s) for heavy duty. • Available in 18" - 48" (450 - 1200mm) for standard duty belts, 36" - 72" (900 - 1800mm) for heavy duty belts . • 3" (75mm) wide blade segments. Conforms to worn or damaged belts. • Blades available in carbide and purple or white/food grade polyurethane. • Easy maintenance. Simple design makes changing the blades fast and easy. Blades can be removed and replaced individually, or all at once by replacing the cartridge. • Spring tensioner. Utilizes the YST tensioner to maintain constant pressure on the belt. Standard duty YST for 2-3/8" (60mm) poles, heavy duty YST for 2-7/8" (73mm) poles. • White food-grade blade is chemical resistant, and all ingredients used in polyurethane formulation comply with the relevant requirements of 21 CFR (FDA Code of Federal Regulations) for use in repeated bulk dry food applications. www.flexco.com www.flexco.com Y-Type Carbide Blade

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Y-Type™ Polyurethane and Carbide Secondary Cleaner Specifications and Guidelines Horizontal Clearance Required Standard Duty: 4-1/4" (110 mm) Heavy Duty: 5-1/4" (135 mm) Standard Duty Maximum Belt Speed Heavy Duty Temperature Rating Available for Belt Widths Usable Blade Wear Length Blade Material Purple: Polyurethane (proprietary blend for abrasion resistance and long wear) White: Polyurethane (chemical resistant/food grade)* Carbide: Impact resistant tungsten carbide Vertical Clearance Required Standard Duty: Polyurethane: 8-1/4" (210 mm) Carbide: 7-3/4" (185mm) Heavy Duty: Polyurethane:...

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