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SMARTCLAMP ™ * Belt Clamps A Complete System to Work Safer and Smarter As part of Flexco Safe™ belt conveyor maintenance solutions, the SmartClamp™ system provides both safety and efficiency when clamping belts for installation of Clipper® and Alligator® mechanical belt fasteners. Safer. The SmartClamp was engineered to maximize strength and performance. The wedge grip design places an evenly distributed pressure load over the entire clamp interface. The set of four clamps permits safe pulling of belts with up to 2,000 lbs. (900 kg) of take-up load. Each individual clamp is rated up to a 1,000 lb. (450 kg) load. Faster. Unlike other clamp systems which require time-consuming adjustments, the SmartClamp™ needs only a quick tap of a hammer to prelock the wedges. Attach and tighten come-alongs and the final lock is engaged. This fast setup saves precious and costly time during a breakdown situation. With SmartClamps you do not need to sacrifice efficiencies for safety. These easy-to-install belt clamps make the choice obvious for maximum belt conveyor uptime. Smarter. *Patent pending

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Large impact plate provides easy striking surface. Return Spring Post holds wedges up so belt can easily slide into clamping position. Ribbed lower wedge and grooved housing provide additional holding strength (a). Beveled edges of the housing permit easy belt engagement. Elimination of sharp corners and edges provide a smoother transition from clamp to belt, reducing the chance of belt damage (b). Belt Clamps Note: A complete set of SmartClamps includes four clamps with two convenient carrying bags. Other Flexco Safe ™ Products: 900 Series* Belt Cutter Designed to enhance operator safety...

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