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Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver Consistent, Long-Lasting Splice Every Time Faster, more consistent rivet driving for heavy-duty rivet hinged splices. The Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver, along with our Flexco® SR™ fasteners and installation tools, speeds installation by up to 33%. A single trigger pull per rivet takes the guesswork out of rivet driving to give you a uniform long-lasting splice every time. Dual Handles Provides an ergonomic grip and easy balance Nose Piece and Heavy-Duty Drive Rod For precise, consistent rivet driving Pneumatic Driving Power Air powered for reduced operator fatigue and robust installation Features and Benefits: • A powerful single trigger pull saves time and reduces worker fatigue • Single trigger action along with collated rivets with washers and specially designed steel guide blocks assures consistent rivet driving, leading to a longer lasting splice • A heavy-duty tool built to stand up to tough use • Works with standard MSRT or MBRTA application tools Single-Trigger Activation A single trigger pull sets rivets for quick and easy installation

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Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver - 2

Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver Consistent Splicing The heavy-duty tool allows for more compression of fastener plates resulting in a smooth and consistent splice that is compatible with conveyor components. Rivet Strips with Washers Used with Collated Rivets for quick, easy loading into guide block. The washer ensures maximum accuracy. Standard Installation Tools Installation requires only the standard application tool and special steel guide The Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver is protected by a portable carrying case • Pneumatic Single Rivet Driver • Instruction manual • Safety glasses...

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