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State-of-the-Art Endless Splicing Technology Creating a perfect endless splice can be challenging - especially when every second of downtime is costing you money. With the Novitool® Aero® Splice Press, endless belt splicing just got easier, faster, and more consistent. The Aero Press is ideal for splicing lightweight, thermoplastic belting, and with cycle times as short as 8 minutes, the Aero allows your belt to be up and running fast, helping you minimise downtime and maximise productivity. Quick Cycle Time • Short cycle time of 8-12 minutes • Forced air cooling in both top and bottom beams, along with fast cycle times allows the press to be used in a high volume belt shop splicing environment • Portability, easy set up, and short splice time allows for on-site splicing with little downtime Easy to Program • Intuitive, easy to navigate HMI controls • Over 1,000 splice recipes can be stored on the press / Internal Controls / Internal Air Compressor / Internal Top & Bottom Air Cooling Fans High Quality Splices • Flexco has designed and constructed the press with the latest technology to ensure the finished splice is the highest quality for splice longevity • Storage and retrieval of splice recipes ensures they are consistently used from operator to operator, and from tool to tool, for any specified splice parameter Patent number: US 9,090,022 B1 and other Patents Pending

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NOVITOOL® AERO® Splice Press Integrated Air Cooling – cooling fans are positioned in both top and bottom beams, reducing cool down time after splice is complete. Average splice times of 8-12 minutes can be expected. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls and simple menu navigation allows users to enter or access splice parameters with ease. • croll through and select text using S the convenient rotary dial • lines of text display on screen 4 • enus are simple and intuitive M • ll splice parameters are managed A through the single control ▷ Top temperature ▷ Bottom temperature ▷ Pressure...

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NOVITOOL® AERO® Splice Press Aero® Recipe Management Tool Ability to set independent temperatures of top and bottom heating elements to ensure optimal splice. The proprietary Flexco Aero® Recipe Management Tool makes it easy to import, create, or modify recipes. Recipes can then be exported from the tool and transferred to your press via a USB flash drive. Users with multiple presses can quickly load the same set of recipes to all of their equipment. 99 recipes can be input and stored directly on the press, while 990 additional recipes can be input through the Aero Recipe Management Tool on...

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(F= full power operation, R= reduced power operation) Unit 7 Kingsmark Freeway • Oakenshaw • Bradford, BD12 7HW • United Kingdom Tel: +44-1274-600-942 • Fax: +44-1274-673-644 • Email: Visit for other Flexco locations and products. ©2016 Flexible Steel Lacing Company. Novitool® is a registered trademark. 05-15-17. For Reorder: X4307 Authorised Distributor:

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