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Medium-Duty Precleaner Extra Cleaning Power for Tough Jobs The MMP Medium-Duty Precleaner tackles those tough applications where the standard-duty precleaner is not sturdy enough but the heavy-duty cleaner is overkill. The MMP is built tough with a heavy-duty pole, a larger, powerful blade and a beefy dual tensioning system. Yet installation is simple, maintenance is quick, and bottom line – the cleaning job is excellent. Faceted profile design results in continuous blade edge “renewal” for improved cleaning efficiency throughout the life of the blade Molded-in wear line on all Flexco TuffShear™ blades High strength aluminum extrusion Rugged 3-piece pole provides additional strength Material Path Options, belt width minus 6”, 12” or 18”, guarantee proper cleaning and blade life Simple blade replacement - no tools needed Features and Benefits • Compact and versatile. Requires only 4" (100 mm) of horizontal clearance for installation. Pole length is belt width plus 54" (1350 mm) to fit varying conveyor or chute wall widths. Pole extenders are available for extended length requirements. • Works with Flexco and other mechanical splices. The spring tensioner quickly moves the blade away from the belt when a splice passes. The polyurethane blade easily glides over the splice without damage and with minimal cleaning disruption. • Made for mining conveyors. Made from heavy-duty steel with corrosion-resistant powder coating, the MMP is available for belt widths from 24" to 84" (600 to 2100 mm). Special sizes are available upon request. • Complete cleaning system. When teamed with our MHS Secondary Cleaner, it makes up a system that delivers maximum cleaning power. If extra water is present, the MDWS DryWipe can be added. Dual Quick Mount Tensioners (QMTs) allow the blade tension to be visually inspected

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MMP Medium-Duty Precleaner Specifications and Guidelines • Useable Blade • Available for Belt Widths Wear Length 24" to 84" (600 to 2100mm) 6" (150 mm) • Horizontal Clearance Required • Blade Material 4" (100mm) Urethane 83 durometer • Vertical Clearance Required (proprietary blend for 13" (325mm) abrasion resistance and long wear) • Maximum Belt Speed 1000 FPM (5 M/sec) • Temperature Rating­­ -30°F to 180°F (-35°C to 82°C) • Minimum Pulley Diameter­ 16" (400 mm) • Blade Height 10" (250 mm) • Pole Length Cleaner size + 54" (1350mm) • Maximum Conveyor Span Cleaner size + 42" (1050mm) Pole...

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