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Precleaner with V- or VP-Tips High Efficiency Tungsten-Carbide Precleaner The Flexco H-Type® Precleaner with V- or Protected V-Tips is designed to be positioned on the head pulley and to remove the bulk of the carryback from the belt. Proven performance over 20 years as the most efficient precleaner in material handling applications such as coal, iron ore, bauxite and hard rock mining with vulcanized belts. Durable, tungsten carbide tips Segmented blades ensure proper wear throughout the life of the blade Impact-resistant steel base Protected V-Tip Option Heavy-duty, 2-7/8" (73 mm) pole ensures durability for those tough applications Segmented cushions allow each blade to self-adjust and maintain blade-to-belt contact Features and Benefits • Works with vulcanized belts. The tungsten carbide tips allow for maximum cleaning efficiency and superior wear characteristics. Also available with protected tips for abrasive applications. • Complete cleaning system. When teamed with a secondary cleaner, it makes up a system that delivers maximum cleaning power for the most abusive conveyor applications. • Made for mining conveyors. Made from heavy-duty steel with corrosion-resistant powder coating, the H-Type is available in sizes for belt widths from 18" to 72" (450 to 1800mm). Additional sizes are available upon request. • Optimal positioning. Blade contact on the pulley is 15° below the horizontal centerline. This keeps the blades out of the discharge path and protects them from rocks, large lumps and other debris. www.flexco.com www.flexco.com Quick Mount Tensioner (QMT) allows the blade tension to be visually inspected

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h-type® Precleaner with V- or VP-Tips Overall Pole Length Maximum Conveyor Span Specifications and Guidelines Maximum Belt Speed 1000 FPM (5 M/sec) Temperature Rating -30° F to 180° F (-35° C to 82° C) Minimum Pulley Diameter 10" (250mm) Usable Blade Wear Length 3/8" (9mm) Blade Material Tungsten carbide (for vulcanized belts only) Available for Belt Widths 18" to 72" (450 to 1800mm) Pole Length Cleaner size + 48" (1200mm) Maximum Conveyor Span Cleaner size + 38" (950mm) Ordering Information H-Type with Protected V-Tips* H-Type with V-Tips* For abusive applications where materials being...

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