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Flexco® SR Rivet Hinged Fastening System - 16 Pages

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Flexco® SR Rivet Hinged Fastening System

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Flexco® sr™ Rivet Hinged Fastening System Quality and Performance The Flexco® SR™ Rivet Hinged Fastening System has earned a reputation for quality and performance in the most demanding material handling applications on earth. Wherever belt conveyors are used, you need a fastener system that lets you set up, splice, and get out of the way … fast. Flexco SR fasteners deliver the performance, long life, and easy installation that maximize belt availability and help keep productivity on a roll. Maximum Splice Life, Increased Uptime Flexco Rivet Hinged Fasteners combine top and bottom fastener plates, which are joined at one end by two wide hinge loops. Each pair of plates sandwich the belt end and are secured to the belt with a staggered pattern of rivets. The rivets penetrate the belt without damaging or weakening the belt carcass providing maximum resistance to pull-out and evenly distributed splice tension across the width of the belt. No matter what the belt condition, Flexco SR fasteners are a good choice for both new and older, worn belts. Rivet hinged fasteners can be used on belts ranging from 1/8" to 1" (3 - 25 mm) with pulley diameters from 5" to 42" (125 - 1050 mm). Concerns about comparable vulcanized splice strength can be dismissed as rivet hinged fasteners have a long history of service on belts with mechanical fastener rating of up to 2000 P.I.W. (350 kN/m). Market Applications • Coal and Hard Rock • Underground and Surface Mining • Wood Processing • Asphalt Plants • Construction and Road Equipment

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2 Flexco SR ® ™ Rivet Hinged Fastening System Fastener Overview How the Flexco® Rivet Hinged Fastening System Works The SR™ (Self-Setting Rivet) Fastener utilizes staggered pattern, multiple rivet attachments that pass between carcass fibers without severing them. The specially shaped head of each pilot nail works in conjunction with the installation tool anvil plate to set the rivets. The same hammer blows that set the rivets also compress the fastener plates into the belt covers. This provides maximum holding ability and distributes splice tension evenly across the width of the belt....

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Flexco SR ® 3 ™ Rivet Hinged Fastening System Fastener Selection Guidelines Specify the Right Flexco® Rivet Hinged Fastener Measure belt thickness. 1. Determine belt tension. Most conveyor belting has a mechanical fastener rating. Care should be taken not to operate the belting or fasteners beyond their recommended ratings. 2. Measure belt thickness. If fasteners are to be countersunk, measure the belt thickness after a portion of the belt cover has been removed. Choose a fastener size which corresponds to belt thickness. Measure smallest pulley diameter. 3. Measure the diameter of the...

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Rivet Hinged Fastening System Fastener Selection Guidelines Use the charts below to match the Flexco® SR™ fastener to your needs. Find the fastener metal type required for your application. Then choose the ordering number that corresponds to your belt's width from the charts Flexco® Rivet Hinged Fastener Selection Chart * R6 can be used in certain applications up to 1200 RI.W. (210 kN/m) with R6 RustAlloy" and stainless steel rivets. Contact Flexco Marketing or Engineering for details. Fastener Materials Steel: Plated steel is the standard fastener material for most applications. Plating...

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Rivet Hinged Fastening System Unique two teeth/two rivet combination offers highest efficiencies in strength and durability Two fastener strips per package. Ideal for applications such as wood processing or construction equipment with smaller pulleys as well as for underground mining. Flexco® R5 Scalloped Edge (Continuous Strip) For superior resistance to wear and abrasion, Flexco* Rivet Hinged Fasteners are available supplied as 4 plate strips and are packaged 10 Ordering Number Two fastener strips per package. *4 Plate Strips. 10 Strips Per Box

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Rivet Hinged Fastening System Midsize R5'/2 is ideal as an upgrade for R5 or in applications where pulley size prohibits the use of R6. Ikl.kCfl NNtf Two fastener strips per package R6 can be used in certain applications up to 1200 RI.W. (210 kN/m) with R6 RustAlloy and stainless steel rivets. Contact the Flexco Marketing or Engineering R6LP features a lower fastener profile for improved compatibility with cleaner blades, skirt rubber, and return idlers. Two fastener strips per package

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Rivet Hinged Fastening System Eight-rivet pattern designed for use on mainline and panel belts with mechanical fastener ratings up to 1500 P.I.W. (263 kN/m). For questions regarding R8 and your application, contact the Flexco Marketing or Engineering department. Two fastener strips per package For high-tension or thick belt applications up to 2000 P.I.W. (350 kN/m), R9 has greater reachback, a thicker plate, and an enhanced loop area for larger pin diameters. Two fastener strips per package

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Rivet Hinged Fastening System Rivets are available in either steel or stainless steel. Rivets are packaged 250 rivets per box. SRAA, SRA, SRB, and SRC rivets are also available in 100-count packages. Bulk packs of 2,000 rivets are also available in reusable plastic buckets. '* Use with 3/4" diameter hinge pin. Self-setting, pre-assembled with pilot nails

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Rivet Hinged Fastening System Rapid Loader™ Collated Rivet Strips Unique Flexco* Rapid Loader™ collated rivet strips make it easy to load 20 rivets into your multiple guide block at one time and eliminate time consuming handling of individual rivets. • Supplied in color-coded strips for easy identification of rivet sizes • Available in steel or stainless steel convenient buckets Rapid Loader™ Collated Rivet Strips with Washers Rapid Loader strips with washers have been designed to be used in combination with the specially designed steel guide block and the • Supplied in color-coded strips...

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