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SMART SOLUTIONS FOR Belt conveyor OPERATIONS Partners in Productivity

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY Directly related to the efficiency of your conveyor system is the performance of the splice. Flexco proudly offers the latest in both endless splicing technology and multiple styles of mechanical belt fastening systems. Regardless of your splicing needs, Flexco has a proven solution that’s right for your system. Increase Uptime Mechanical Belt Splicing Endless Splicing • • Hinged splices for easy separation and/or cleaning • 2 Portable installation equipment • With Aero™ press technology, an endless splice is made in a fraction of the time...

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INCREASE UPTIME WITH E n d l ess sp l icin g techn o l o g y Novitool ® Ply130 ™ Ply Separator Novitool ® Aero™ Press Features: • 7- to 12-minute complete cycle time • Air cooled; no water required • All-in-one press with integrated controls and air compressor • Available in 12”- 60” (300 -1500 mm) widths • Compatible with 230v1ph, 230v3ph, 400v3ph+N, and 460v3ph • No external components required Features: • Robust design permits precise separation • Separate up to 5.1” (130 mm) in a single operation • Separation depths of 40 - 130 mm • Easy adjustments Recommended for: Thermoplastic belts...

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INCREASE UPTIME WITH M E C H A N I C A L sp l icin g techn o l o g y Alligator ® Ready Set ™ Staple Fastening System Clipper ® Wire Hook Fastening System Features: Features: • Low-profile, machine-applied hook fasteners • Available in a variety of wire diameters, materials, leg and point lengths, strip lengths, and styles • Easy-to-install one-piece fastener strips with pre-inserted staples • Strong, impact-, and abrasion- resistant splice • Available in a variety of materials, including those suitable for sanitary and magnetic applications Installation Method: Clipper® wire hooks are...

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ENHANCE SAFETY Workplace safety is our top priority. That’s why we manufacture a family of high-quality belt maintenance tools with built-in safety features to help protect your crew. 900 Series* and 845LD Belt Cutters Alligator ® Spiral Lace System Features: • Non-metallic, low-profile fastener that ensures a non-marking splice • Flexible enough to be used on conveyors with pulleys and nose bars as small as 1/2” (13 mm) • Available in FDA-approved and high-temperature-resistant materials Features: • wo portable models designed for T efficient, on-site use • afely and accurately cut belts...

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M A X I M I Z E C A R R Y I N G C A PA C I T Y Designed to improve incline conveying and material containment, our easy-to-install Tatch-A-Cleat® belt cleats, pegs, lugs, and V-guides ensure that your entire load reaches its destination. Mechanically Attached Cleats Model HD Cleat Tatch-A-Lug® and Tatch-A-Peg™ Features: • Flexible, high-tensile-strength SBR rubber that can withstand abrasive, high-impact applications • Smooth exterior and special sealing edges that speed clean-up, while locking out dirt and moisture • Available in 1” (25 mm) or 2” (50 mm) heights Features: • Effective...

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Bondable Cleats T Cleats Scoop Cleats Features: Features: • Bonded perpendicular to belt to improve incline conveying • Full-radius top prevents marking/bruising of material, while tapered bottom edges provide smooth transition between belt and cleat • vailable in rubber and PVC, as well as A a variety of heights • Sit at 60-degree angle to belt to gently cradle material on an aggressive incline • Prevent material rollback • Made from PVC; available in 2” (50 mm) and 3” (75 mm) heights Recommended for: • Minimum pulley diameters of 6”– 8” (150 – 200 mm) Recommended for: • Minimum pulley...

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M aximize Y our O per ation ’ s P er f or m a nce with F l exc o Visit our website or contact your local distributor to learn more. 2525 Wisconsin Avenue • Downers Grove, IL 60515-4200 U.S.A. Tel: (630)-971-0150 • Fax: (630)-971-1180 • E-mail: info@flexco.com www.flexco.com Australia: 61-2-9680-3322 • China: 86-21-33528388 • England: 44-1274-600-942 • Germany: 49-7428-9406-0 India: 91-44-4354-2091 • Mexico: 52 -55- 5674-5326 • Singapore: 65-6281-7278 • South Africa: 27-11-608-4180 ©2010 Alligator ®, Clipper ®, Econo-Cleat ®, Microlacer ®, Novitool®, Roller Lacer®, Tatch-A-Guide®,...

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