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Flexco® BR6 Solid Plate Fasteners New Flexco® BR6 for Higher Tension Applications with Smaller Pulley Diameters The new Flexco® BR6 fastener is an addition to our Rivet Solid Plate fastening system. Ideal for pulley diameters as small as 14” (350 mm), the 6-rivet configuration provides a staggered, multiple-point rivet attachment to allow rivets to pass between carcass fibers without severing them for maximum resistance to pull-out. Plus the patented Scalloped Edge™ provides for a lower fastener profile to extend belt splice life and reduce exposure to belt cleaner blades and other conveyor components. Flexco BR6 Rivet Solid Plate Fasteners provide all the features of our existing line plus these added features: • For use with pulley diameters as small as 14” (350 mm) with operating tensions at 75 to 100% of belt tension ratings. • For use in applications with tension ranges up to 400 PIW (70kN/m), or greater, depending on the application. • Flexco BR6 can be used with traditional plied belt as well as with straight warp belting. • Ideal for applications where a sift-free splice is needed. • Offered in steel, stainless steel, and MegAlloy® for superior resistance to wear and abrasion. • Compatible with troughed belts with 20 degree and 35 degree troughing idlers. • BR6 Rivet Plate can be used as a successful alternative to vulcanized applications. www.flexco.com www.flexco.com

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Flexco® BR6 fasteners nest securely in the tool to allow for fast, accurate installation. Increase operator efficiency with electric powered installation of Use Rapid Loader™ Collated Rivet Strips to speed installation of Flexco9 Solid Plate Fasteners Flexco"1 BR6 Fastener Selection Guid ' Contact Flexco Engineering for applications greater than 400 PIW (70kN/m) contains ten 9-plate fastener strips Each box of BR6 fasteners contains 4 fastener strips and hold down assembly clips. Flexco® Rivet Solid Plate Fasteners And Rivets Required For Various Belt Widths Flexco® Rivet Selection Gauge...

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