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EZP1 High Temperature ConShear™ Precleaner Simple, Quick, Effective Now there is a new urethane-blade precleaner that outperforms other “hot” blades. The High Temp ConShear™ Blade is designed for continuous, ambient temperatures up to 275ºF (135ºC) and spikes to 325ºF (163ºC). This bright yellow blade takes the heat and yet provides the extended wear life of Flexco’s standard ConShear blade. More wear life means fewer blade change-outs. And a visual check tensioner makes maintenance easy. A quick measurement of the tensioner spring lets you know if the blade is at optimal tension. If retensioning is needed, simply turn the adjusting nut to restore optimal cleaning tension. Comes standard with a blade length of belt width minus 2". High strength aluminum extrusion with proprietary high-temp urethane material Faceted profile design results in continuous blade edge “renewal” for improved cleaning efficiency throughout the life of the blade Molded-in wear line on all Flexco Conshear blades Universal mounting plates easily mount and simplify installation Pole plate pre-drilled for material path options, 3 different blade sizes available Rugged 2-3/8” diameter pole Simple blade replacement - no tools needed Features and Benefits • Easy to install. Correct installation is the key to performance. Templates and step-by-step instructions are included. • Patented facet-profile blade design. The blade forms a renewed cleaning edge once wear reaches each new faceted blade section. • Material Path Option. Select the blade width for the material path of your belt. This means better cleaning efficiency and less blade retensioning. • Works with Flexco mechanical belt splices. The spring tensioner moves the blade away from the belt when the splice passes, without damage and with minimal cleaning disruption. • Works on reversing belts. www.flexco.com www.flexco.com Self-contained spring tensioner allows for measureable and verifiable tension

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High Temperature ConShear™ Precleaner Maximum Belt Speed Temperature Rating Minimum Pulley Diameter Blade Height Usable Blade Wear Length Blade Material abrasion resistance Available for Belt Widths Horizontal Clearance Required Vertical Clearance Required Pole Length Maximum Conveyor Span Pole Length * Each pole size can be used with a blade size either belt width minus 2", belt width minus 8" or belt width minus 14" Ordering Information High Temp ConShear'" Precle Pole Location Specs A = Pulley Diameter + Lagging and Belt C = Critical Spec to move location if necessary Pole Location Chart...

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