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EZP-LS Limited Space Precleaner Big Features in a Small Package Many conveyors and portables have tight space configurations. That means a belt cleaner must be small and compact to fit. The new EZP-LS Precleaner delivers a big cleaning job in a compact cleaner. Faceted profile design results in continuous blade edge “renewal” for improved cleaning efficiency throughout the life of the blade High Strength aluminum extrusion Molded in wear line on all Flexco Conshear blades Smaller LST Tensioner is self contained and simple to adjust Smaller blade and mounting clearance allows installation on conveyors with pulleys as small as 6” (150mm) Simple blade replacement - no tools needed Easy-to-read pointer shows when the blade is worn out Features and Benefits • Quick-change blade. No tools are needed. Just pull one pin, remove the old blade, slide in the new one and replace the pin. • Can be used on reversing belts. Installing cleaners on both pulleys gives superior cleaning results on belts that run in both directions. • Can be ordered for special configurations. Special order options include: a stainless steel pole for corrosive applications or a high temp ConShear-LS Blade for applications with temperatures up to 275° F (135° C) with spikes to 325° F (163° C). • Blade can be used on other cleaners. The ConShear-LS Blade can be used as a replacement blade on other OEM cleaners. www.flexco.com www.flexco.com

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EZP-LS - 2

EZP-LS Limited Space Precleaner Specifications and Guidelines • Maximum Belt Speed 500 FPM (2.5M/sec) • Max Temperature Rating -30° F to 180° F (-35° C to 82° C) • Minimum Pulley Diameter 6” (150mm) • Blade Height 4-1/2” (115mm) • Usable Blade Wear Length 2-3/8” (60mm) • Blade Material Urethane 83 durometer (proprietary blend for abrasion resistance and long wear) • Pole Length Cleaner size up to 42” (1050mm) + 30” (750mm) / Cleaner size 48” and up (1200mm) + 34” (850mm) • Maximum Conveyor Span Cleaner size up to 42” (1050mm) +25” (625mm) / Cleaner size 48” and up (1200mm) + 29” (725mm) •...

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