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EZIB Flexco Impact Beds Simple and Effective Protection in the Load Zone Flexco Impact Beds are designed to offer a simple and effective means of protecting the belt in the load zone. Specification and installation of the bed is made easier with adjustable trough angles, while still providing the rugged durability found with all Flexco products. This series features universal components that result in an effective, yet affordable, solution. Long-wearing UHMW slider bar ideal for sealing load zone Impact Bars for absorbing material impact Troughs can be lowered for install and service Light Duty Shown Adjustable trough angle 20°, 35°, 45° Features and Benefits • Protect the belt. 3” (75mm) rubber and UHMW impact bars effectively absorb the impact from falling material, while the long-wearing UHMW outer slider bar seals the load zone. • Ease of service. Simply lower troughing angles to provide easy access to the bars and bolts for quick and safe maintenance. • Options and ease of specification. Available in both light duty and medium duty options, with adjustable trough angles at 20°, 35°, 45°, the Flexco Impact Beds are designed to complement Flexco’s HD DRX Impact Beds. • Family of products. Can be paired with the Flexco Slider Beds to create a holistic load zone system. www.flexco.com www.flexco.com

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Flexco Impact Beds Specifications and Guidelines • Maximum Belt Speed 600 FPM (3M/sec) • Max Temperature Rating -40° F to 180° F (-40° C to 82° C) • Slider Bar Material UHMW Polyethylene and aluminum extrusion • Impact Bar Material UHMW Polyethylene, rubber cushion and aluminum extrusion • Available for Belt Widths 24” to 72” (600 to 1800mm) Flexco Impact Bed with Impact Bars Light Duty EZ Impact Bed with Impact Bars Medium Duty • Impact Energy Max Lump Weight (lb) x Drop Height (ft) Up to 200 lb-ft (up to 25kg-m) EZIB-L 200 to 750 lb-ft (25 to 100 kg-m) EZIB-M Authorized Distributor: 2525...

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