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Production Lacers Increase Efficiency and Precision with High Volume Production Lacing Production Lacers are designed for high-volume production lacing. It’s the quickest, most precise method of installing wire hooks. As the lacer jaws contact the hooks, the hook points penetrate the belt at the ideal angle, resulting in an optimal splice. Hook retainers/combs are available for all sizes of hooks, making production lacers capable of lacing any size Clipper® hook. All production lacers offer the continuous lacing feature which, with multiple operations, allows the user to lace belts wider than the width of the lacer. The Pro Series Pro Series production lacers feature our patented jaw action – the comb, hooks, and belt are simultaneously pulled down as the jaws compress the hooks into the belt, forming an optimal hook profile. Electric Hydraulic Lacer No better choice for users who insist on speedy application. Available in 12” 25” and 38” (300, 625, and 950 mm) models. , , • Laces entire lacer width with one simple press of the foot pedal • Continuous lacing feature • Ideal for high volume lacing #12 Speed Lacer The most economical production lacing tool. It is a durable, shop-use lacer for hooks of all sizes. • Manually operated • Laces 12” (300 mm) at a time • Continuous lacing feature • Optional chain drive attachment is available to prevent closing lever from interfering with wide belts

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The Pro Series Pro 6000 Users of the hydraulic Pro 6000 install the ultimate splice. The jaws can be heated to ease hook penetration and to allow the belt cover to slightly flow, resulting in a splice with an extremely low profile. Laces 14” (350 mm) at a time, with combs available in lengths up to 60” (1500 mm). Longer combs allow the user to first load the fasteners into the comb, then lace up to 14” (350 mm) at a time, sliding the comb to the next section to be laced. Lacer pressure can be adjusted up to 7350 PSI (500 bar), jaw closure hold time up to 10 seconds, and heated jaws up to...

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