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CLIPPER® Hook Selection Guide Reliable, Low Cost, Low Profile Splices Clipper® wire hooks are an inexpensive, yet highly reliable solution for connecting conveyor belts. Unlike vulcanizing, which requires hours of downtime for a highly skilled crew to vulcanize belts, Clipper splices can be easily installed onsite by one person with easy to operate tools. Selection of the proper fastener is easy, when these steps are followed: Step 1: Measure belt thickness. If belt has an impression cover, skive back 1" (25mm). Step 2: Measure diameter of the smallest pulley where the belt wraps around the pulley at least 90º. Step 3: Using the selection chart (see back), determine the possible hook choices. In most instances there will be multiple hooks which meet the belt thickness and minimum pulley criteria. Use Steps 4 and 5 to find the hook which best fits your needs. Step 4: Carded Narrow options by selecting either carded or Unibar® offerings. Unibar hooks are formed by welding each hook to a wire, forming a continuous strip. Unibar fasteners are easier to handle and install. The finished splice is flat and the individual hook legs are parallel which makes meshing of belt ends and pin insertion easy. Step 5: If multiple sizes of hooks are still available, select the fastener based on the wire diameter which would be appropriate for your application. Smaller Diameter: • Less noise as the splice contacts conveyor components. • Less wear on conveyor components. Larger Diameter: • Added fastener strength. • Added abrasion resistance. Unibar

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Hook Selection Guide Fastener and Pin Size Selection Chart Minimum Wire Diameter Fastener Material Characteristics L J g.L.J 2525 Wisconsin Avenue 'Downers Grove, IL60515-4200 U.S.A. fi^'flm'j Telephone: (630) 971-0150 • Fax: (630)-971-1180 • E-mail: •Web: Australia: 61-2-9680-3322 • China: 86-21-33528388 • England: 44-1274-600-942 Germany: 49-7428-9406-0 • Mexico: 52-55-5674-5326 • South Africa: 27-11 -608-4180 ©2009 Flexible Steel Lacing Company. Clipper® and Unibar® are registered trademarks. 1-09. For Reorder: X1183

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