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Flat, Low-Profile Splice Provides Strength and Durability Clipper® G Series™ Lacing is precision stamped from 316L stainless steel and then machine-applied for consistent compression, resulting in a uniform and flat splice. G Series lacing features a staggered-leg design with four alternating leg lengths. These varying points of belt penetration provide additional strength and durability for the finished splice. Ideal for use in food manufacturing, package and parts handling, and filter media, the Clipper G Series is designed for use with PVC, PU, and PES belting. Flat, Low-Profile splice is ideal for applications with slider beds Precision Stamping ensures a consistent 4.00 mm pitch over the entire length of the lacing for easier machine installation Machine-Application results in a uniform, flat splice – even on belts prone to belt wave Corrosion-Resistant stainless steel for demanding applications Features and Benefits: • asy to install with proven Clipper maintenance and production E lacers, G Series splices are uniform and extremely low profile. Th • e staggered legs on G Series lacing provide for varying points of belt penetration which increases both the strength and durability of the splice. • e flat, continuous top bar design eliminates belt wave Th and reduces the risk of dislodged fasteners. • Series lacing is joined with a corrugated stainless steel wire G connecting pin that prevents pin migration during use. Staggered Leg Geometry increases the strength and durability of the splice

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Clipper® G Series™ Lacing Recommended Applications: • Food Manufacturing • Filter Media • Package and Parts Handling G Series can be installed with: • Roller Lacer® • Roller Lacer® Gold Class™ • Microlacer® • Pro 600 Lacer • Pro 6000 Lacer G Series™ Fastener and Pin Size Selection Chart Minimum Pulley Diameter Material Thickness Ordering Information Ordering Number Clipper® maintenance lacers — quick, on-site installation of G Series™ lacing with precision Roller Lacing Technology™ Item Code G Series™ Face Strips and Combs Clipper® production lacers — the quickest, most precise method for...

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