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BELT POSITIONER™ Immediate Tracking Results The Belt Positioner™ is the simple, reliable solution for problem belts that consistently mistrack to one side of the conveyor. The Belt Positioner works on the return side belt using simple angled rollers mounted in a fixed position to quickly and continuously funnel the belt into the correct path. This is the “quick fix” solution for belt tracking problems caused by conveyor misalignment mishaps, ground shifts, or on temporary systems. Comes assembled so it’s ready for quick installation. CoreTech™ Rollers are longer lasting, corrosion resistant and lighter weight CoreTech, Exalon and Steel Rollers are standard. Ensures center loading by installing before the tail pulley. Features and Benefits • No belt edge damage. The idler rollers on the Belt Positioner make smooth contact with the return side belt’s bottom cover and not on the belt’s edges. • Easy installation and setup. Simply preset the unit for the conveyor structure width, position the unit on the belt and bolt or weld in place. Adjust the rollers to the belt and watch the results. It’s simple and you can see the results immediately. • Economical. Durability and budget-conscious pricing make the Belt Positioner very versatile. • Long service life. The Belt Positioner’s innovative design does not rely on a pivoting mechanism to move and steer a wandering belt. The rollers are sealed for life. Simply inspect the idler rollers occasionally for wear. • High-performing CoreTech™ rollers. 50% lighter than steel, requiring less power to run the conveyor. Immediately influence the belt path up to 50 ft (15M) in both directions.

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BELT POSITIONer™ Specifications and Guidelines • Maximum Belt Speed 1000 FPM (5M/sec) • Max Temperature Rating -40° F to 180° F (-40° C to 71° C) • Belt Direction Reversing • Available for Belt Widths 18" to 96" (450 to 2400mm) Roller Specifications • Mounting Bracket Adjustment 13-1/2” (338mm) • Maximum PIW 800 PIW on S, M, L 1200 PIW on XL Roller Dimensions Length Size Shaft Diameter Extra Large Specific Gravity Return side mistracking Belt mistracking to one side Belt mistracking to both sides Inconsistent tracking problem Belt is cupped (heavy) GOOD POOR Belt has medium running tension...

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