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Belt Conveyor Products Guide - 24 Pages

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Belt Conveyor Products Guide

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Keep your line up and running.

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SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY ISSUE ALONG THE BELT LINE prIMARY cleaner transfer system secondary cleaner RUBBER pulley lagging impact bed belt Positioner belt traine

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With over 100 years of experience in the belt conveyor industry, Flexco knows that keeping your line running smoothly is essential to the success of your operation. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive line of innovative belt conveyor products that address the key issues you face. Material that sticks to the belt after it leaves the transfer point and continues falling off along the conveyor’s return side. To address carryback, we offer: Belt drifts to one side or the other, resulting in material spillage, uneven belt wear, and possible system damage. To combat mistracking, we offer:...

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Innovative Designs, Superior Engineering, Industry Expertise Since 1907 we’ve been dedicated to improving belt performance and productivity. That’s meant spending a lot of time in the field, , working alongside customers and learning about their everyday challenges — first-hand. We use that hard-won knowledge to design belt conveyor products that work better and last longer. In fact, we pioneered many of the advanced features that have since become industry standards. Cleaner Innovations • Patented, Faceted Blade Profile — These blades continually renew their edges, creating more...

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Mineline ­ When “standard” – products just won’t do. ® Flexco Mineline® products have been designed and engineered to work — day in and day out — in some of the toughest applications in the world. Regardless of the application, whether it be underground coal mining, port loading facilities, or other heavy tonnage applications that test the strength and durability of your conveyor system, Mineline® is the answer. Customers have come to expect a Flexco cleaner, impact bed or tracker with the Mineline® brand by its name to excel — even in situations where other products have failed. Next to...

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Your Issue: Carryback Our Solution: Advanced Cleaning Systems Step 1 Understand Your Options belt cleaners blade options Precleaners • ounted to the head pulley and below the M material flow • deal for removing large pieces of material — I typically about 60 - 70 percent of initial carryback Polyurethane • Easier on the belt • Works well with mechanical splices • Economical • pecialty formulations for high heat, S chemical resistance, or water removal Secondary cleaners • ocated just past where the belt leaves the head L pulley — and anywhere else down the beltline • specially good at...

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ConShear High Temp Precleaner Options Application Description High Temp V-Tip Belt Width* Head Pulley Diameter Temperature Range Reversing Belts Mechanical Fasteners *Special sizes available upon request. **Belt speeds can be higher in vulcanised applications. UC/UV Blade Secondary Cleaner Options MHS (C-Tip) P-Type® (C-Tip) P-Type (V-Tip) U-Type® (F-Blade) U-Type (C-Blade) Belt Width* Temperature Range Reversing Belts Work with Mechanical Fasteners Application Description U-Type (V-Blade) R-Type® (C-Tip) R-Type (V-Tip) Belt Width* Temperature Range Reversing Belts Work with Mechanical...

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Flexco Primary Cleaners Features & Applications EZP-LS “Limited Space” Primary Cleaner • • • • Compact design with shorter pole length Standard-duty, solid-blade design Visual tension check Do-it-yourself installation and minimal maintenance Standard-duty, with 60 mm (2 3/8 ") diameter pole Visual tension check Requires just 102 mm (4") of horizontal clearance Do-it-yourself installation and minimal maintenance Pulley Diameter from 150 – 550 mm (6” – 22”) Pulley Diameter from 250 – 900 mm (10” – 36”) Applications – Brick/Block Plants, Ready Mix Plants, Road/Mobile Equipment * Also available...

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High-Temp EZP1 Primary Cleaner • • • • • Standard-duty, solid-blade design rated up to 135° C (275° F) Visual tension check Requires just 100 mm (4") of horizontal clearance Do-it-yourself installation and minimal maintenance Can handle temperature spikes to 163° C (325° F) Pulley Diameter from 250 – 900 mm (10” – 36”) Applications – Coke, Clinker, Cement, Asphalt * Also available in Stainless Steel MMP Medium Mine-Duty Primary Cleaner • Medium-duty mining precleaner with TuffShear™ blade • eavy-duty, 3-piece design pole with dual tensioners H • Visual tension check Pulley Diameter from 400...

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Flexco precleaners High-Temp HV Primary Cleaner MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Primary Cleaner • ungsten carbide tip provides superior cleaning efficiency T (vulcanised belts only) • Segmented blades work independently • Visual tension check Pulley Diameter from 250 – 1575 mm (10” – 63”) One of the most rugged precleaners available Engineered for abusive conditions Telescoping, 3-piece pole that resists twisting/bowing/bending Q uick-change SuperShear™ blade cartridge for fast, easy maintenance Applications – Power Plants, Port Facilities, Iron Ore, Steel Mills Pulley Diameter from 500 – 1200 mm...

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F l e x c o SECOND A RY CLE A NERS Features & Applications P-Type Secondary Cleaner • vailable with C-tips for mechanical fastener applications A or V-tips for vulcanised applications • egmented, tungsten carbide blades S • Bolt-up tensioning system • imited space model option for telescoping, stacking, or L portable conveyors Applications – Aggregate, Sand & Gravel, Cement, Wood Processing, Recycling, Light Mining, Power Plants with Vulcanised Belts R-Type Reversing Secondary Cleaner • vailable with C-tips for mechanical fastener applications A or V-tips for vulcanised applications •...

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