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ALLIGATOR SPIRAL LACE Fastener System ® Low-Profile, Non-Metallic Splice For applications where a mechanical belt fastener is desired for ease of belt installation or quicker belt cleaning, but for one reason or another a metallic fastener cannot be used, consider Alligator® Spiral Lace. Alligator Spiral Lace is a low-profile splice that is fabricated into the belt through a variety of splicing techniques. Depending on the installation method it can operate over pulley diameters as small as 13/32" (10 mm). It is available in white or blue polyester for applications demanding FDA-compliant materials, black polyester for general applications, or PEEK for high temperature applications. Spiral Lace Applications Alligator Spiral Lace is a non-metallic splice that is ideal for applications with metal detectors, food or pharmaceutical processing, x-ray equipment, or for applications with delicate product that is easily scratched that require non-marking/non-scratching splices. Advantages of a Hinged Splice Alligator® Spiral Lace, like other Flexco mechanical splices, is constructed of two fastened belt ends that are joined by a hinge pin. This hinged splice makes installation on the conveyor structure simple as the belt can be fed into proper location, the belt ends meshed together, and the connecting pin inserted. For belts requiring frequent removal, such as regular sanitation for food applications, the hinged splice can save hours of downtime with each cleaning.

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Leader Pins Simplify Pin Insertion ALLIGATOR SPIRAL LACE Fastener System ® Alligator® Spiral Lace Selection Chart LEADER PIN Connecting pin installation can be difficult, given both the small diameter of the pin and the flexibility of the material. To ease and speed this process we offer Leader Pins, which attach a smaller diameter, rigid lead pin to the larger diameter, flexible connecting pin. The lead pin is easily fed through the splice, allowing the actual connecting pin to be pulled through. The use of Leader Pins often reduces pin insertion time by more than 75%. Belt Thickness...

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