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PLASTIC RIVET Fastener System Mechanically Applied Non-Metallic Fastener Saving Alternative The Alligator* Plastic Rivet fastener system offers the unique ability of being mechanically applied with a portable installation tool, in addition to other non-metallic features such as: non-scratching, non-magnetic, and a quiet splice as it operates over conveyor components. The hinged splice allows for users to remove the hinge pin for easy belt cleaning or installation onto the conveyor system with minimal dismantling. The features of the Alligator Plastic Rivet system make it a low-cost alternative to the time and expense associated with vulcanization. Key features of the Alligator Plastic Rivet fastener include rivets molded into the top plate for a smooth and flat cleaning surface, beveled front edge of fastener for easy transition over conveyor components, and countersunk installed rivets. With three color choices available, select the fastener that best fits your needs for applications from -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C). Black: UV-resistant for extended life in outdoor applications. White: FDA-accepted material resists weak acids, alkali, hydrocarbons, ester solvents, and alcohols. Blue: FDA-accepted material with the same resistance as the white offering but colored blue to match blue belts used in many food applications. Alligator® Plastic Rivet Fastener Selection Chart

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Installation Tools Alligator® Spin-Set Installation Tool Portable tool simplifies plastic rivet installation anywhere within your facility. Weighs only 30 lbs (14 kg), aligns fasteners automatically and holds them firmly in place while rivet heads are spin set into countersunk pockets. Belt Punch & Curling Bit Comb Assembly Ensures precise hole locations as well as correct fastener reachback Plastic Rivet Lube Specially formulated to enhance free rivet rotation and reduce component wear. PLASTIC RIVET Fastener System Includes Fasteners & Hinge Pin to make one splice Fiecloseable plastic...

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