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These drives advance availability. High-performance FLENDER conveyor drives are made for extreme conditions.

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At home in the mine All over the world – from Peru, China and Australia to Chile and Russia and on to Zambia, Brazil, India and the USA – conveyor systems move billions of tons of freight for many miles, often under extreme environmental conditions and more often than not through nearly impassable terrain with no water, poor infrastructure and extreme temperatures. As the leading supplier of drive technology for primary production and material extraction, we are very familiar with all of the requirements for mine operation. For decades we have worked together with our customers to develop...

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Poor infrastructure and extreme temperatures – the right application area for our drives.

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24 hours a day, 365 days a year When the temperature requirement is the critical determining factor, the key issue is thermal capacity. This is the critical parameter for the operational availability of a gear unit and an important deciding factor when it comes to selecting the right supplier. It determines drive design. It could even happen that a smaller design size is chosen because the housing surface determines the degree of heat dissipation. In turn, this means a significant cost saving potential for our customers because, due to the outstanding thermal capacity of FLENDER® gear...

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Drive train on a swing base with coupling and gear unit from the standard product range. As an option, the drive train can be expanded: In the end, the best achievement in gear unit engineering is demonstrated in extreme power density, which cannot be attained without the most advanced production methods and the highest degree of precision in production. An operating temperature that is too high over long periods results in a reduction of the lubrication capacity of the oil, damage to the seals and increased wear. For this reason, an optimized gear unit temperature increases operational...

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The right solution for every conveyor With the FLENDER gear units, Siemens offers you the largest product range of advanced conveyor gear units in the world – by far. With three types, a total of 46 sizes and an immense variety of standardized design constructions we have the right drive solution for any requirement. As an alternative for moderate temperature zones, the product range also includes a self-aligning system with gear units from the standard portfolio with added motor bell housings. Here the advantages of a self-aligning drive are combined with the advantages of the standard...

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Designed and produced for critical thermal conditions – the Siemens Self Aligning System. If environmental conditions allow, it makes sense to put a drive together inexpensively, using elements in the standard portfolio. The FLENDER gear units in the standard portfolio are compact, feature high power density and are available in 25 sizes. Here the standard building blocks, which include a large selection of gear units, motors, bell housings, swing bases and add-on parts, leave nothing to be desired. For special temperature requirements, FLENDER gear units with optimized housing surfaces,...

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Integrated Drive Systems The more effective a drive, the lower the operational costs. Coordinating and controlling the entire system plays a critical role here. Siemens has always been convinced that the drive train must be seen and understood as a whole. We are the only provider in the world that offers complete industrial drive systems. In the context of the Integrated Drive System concept (IDS), complete drive solutions have proven successful in many industries and have become standards upon which today’s industrial drives are based. Drive train components SINAMICS® frequency converter...

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The advantages of integrated drive systems Horizontal integration Integrated drive portfolio: all frequency converters, motors, couplings and gear units available from a single source. Perfectly integrated, perfectly interacting. For all power and performance classes. As standard solutions or combined to provide an individual solution. ▶ Greater plant availability By request, we offer not only the main gear unit, motors and couplings, but also the following from a single source: 2 Vertical integration Integrated into automation: from the eld level via the controller level up to MES thanks...

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Multiple drives prevent total breakdowns. For a mine operator, the availability of the conveyor system is of supreme value. For this reason, particularly for large conveyor systems with several megawatts of power input, everything possible is done to ensure continuously smooth operation. In the contest to win the favor of system operators, drive solutions with gear units do have minimal disadvantages with regard to effectiveness, but in terms of service life and costs they come out ahead in every instance. Inexpensive add-on parts The only sure solution The fact is that in a large system...

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Greater reliability with early diagnostics. Benefit from Condition monitoring ◾◾ our drive train expertise that is unique in the world, Availability, efficiency, reliability. A pioneer in the area of condition monitoring, Siemens has offered online condition monitoring systems (CMS) for the raw materials industries as an extension of gear unit service for more than 15 years. ◾◾ the perfect design for the drives due to our decades of experience, ◾◾ optimum drive solutions for every requirement, ◾◾ the largest product portfolio that covers the entire range of conveyor technology, ◾◾ highly...

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Further information about drives: Further information about couplings: Siemens partners near you: Siemens AG Industry Sector Mechanical Drives Alfred-Flender-Straße 77 46395 BOCHOLT GERMANY Subject to change without prior notice 04/13 Order-No.: E20001-A390-P900-X-7600 DISPO 27904 GD.MD.AP.XXXX.52.3.02 WS 04131.0 Printed in Germany © Siemens AG 2013 The information provided in this brochure contains merely general...

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