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Planurex 3 - Premium gearunits for use at the highest torque


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There’s more to it Discover in detail how Integrated Drive Systems boost your competitive edge and improve your time to profit. Integrated Drive Systems to go: Visit our mobile site! Follow us on: Siemens AG Process Industries and Drives Mechanical Drives Alfred-Flender-Straße 77 46395 Bocholt GERMANY Subject to change without prior notice 04/15 Article No.: PDMD-B10006-00-7600 DISPO 27904 ROMEN 2611115745 04/15 2.0 Printed in Germany © Siemens AG 2015 The information provided in this brochure contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as a result of further development of the products. An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. All product designations may be trademarks or product names of Siemens AG or supplier companies whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the owners.

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Premium gear units for use at the highest torques PLANUREX 3: availability, capacity, quality – everything here is XL size

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Premium PLANUREX 3 planetary gear units Redeveloped from the ground up, based on many years of experience with planetary gear units. Premium quality How significant are system component reliability and durability to you in an industrial environment that primarily expects dependability from you? PLANUREX 3 was developed with the most current methods and many years of field experience. Manufactured according to the most advanced techniques, it hits the sweet spot in the area of interplay among power capacity, system availability and costs. Premium expertise How important is consultation...

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In the world of drive systems, the word “premium” has many facets. These include your expectations of the product and how they are met. With PLANUREX 3®, we are redefining these expectations. PLANUREX 3 represents a new generation of premium planetary gear units that have extremely high power capacity, can be used in many applications and are setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, flexibility and ease of use. Only when you have the optimum version of everything can it be considered a premium gear unit. Premium availability What does global availability of drive components and service...

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Premium, right from the company PLANUREX 3 ... With PLANUREX 3, Siemens has introduced a range of planetary gear units that outshines even the successful and groundbreaking PLANUREX 2 series due to its strengths. The PLANUREX 3 series with its new technologically advanced development and expanded modular system is primarily replacing the top-selling PLANUREX 2 planetary gear unit series in the XL range. PLANUREX 3 (1.700 to 5.450 kNm) We always start from the requirement and move to the solution As a provider of all types of industrial gear units, we have extensive consultation expertise....

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... perfectly completes the existing portfolio FLENDER helical and bevel-helical gear units (3.3 to 1,400 kNm) FLENDER and PLANUREX • The FLENDER and PLANUREX brands have set high standards • PLANUREX has the broadest standard portfolio among planetary gear units • PLANUREX offers the most application solu tions, such as drives for roller presses, tube mills, cement kilns and sugar presses

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Your benefits in an XL size Greater output thanks to quality We use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and top-quality materials, and we have a quality assurance system certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. The quality factor ensures greater output and provides a feeling of security. PLANUREX 3 equals compact PLANUREX 3 provides a complete, fully standardized large-format planetary gear unit range combined with optimized delivery times, an outstanding price-performance ratio and a very high degree of modularity. PLANUREX 3 stands for a new generation of planetary gear...

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Coordinated size increments With PLANUREX 3, Siemens provides a gear unit series that features highly coordinated size increments. As a leading manufacturer, we offer the greatest number of sizes and the finest size increments on the market, so we are able to provide the optimum solution for you from our standard range. PLANUREX 3 Size 665 PLANUREX 3 Size 635 PLANUREX 3 PLANUREX 2 Size 620 Size 38 PLANUREX 3 PLANUREX 3 Size 595 Size 575 PLANUREX 2 PLANUREX 3 Size 545 PLANUREX 2 PLANUREX 3 Size 35 Size 525 PLANUREX 2 Size 34 PLANUREX 2 Size 33

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High energy efficiency, low overall costs Trust our quality. After all, we do. With longer bearing service life at all size increments, among other features, in PLANUREX 3 we achieve the quality that you want and the reliability that you can expect to ensure the availability of your system. For this reason, we have extended the guarantee for PLANUREX 3 by an extra 12 months across the board. The high power capacity and smaller oil supply system have a positive effect on the purchase price and ensure high energy efficiency. The high quality and perfect machining are reflected in low life...

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PLANUREX 3 means diversity In its final development phase, PLANUREX 3 will be the world’s largest planetary gear unit range suitable for a wide range of applications. For integration into your application, PLANUREX 3 offers you various options and application specifics, such as: • Gear unit base for base mounting • Torque shaft support • Support 2 (Chun version) • Connection for oil cooling • Suitable for temperatures as low as –40 °C Overload range Nominal load range PLANUREX 3 gear units are making an impact The newly developed range has an extraordinary level of efficiency. A significant...

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XL applications Roller press drives • ow weight reduces the load for the gear unit and L the work machine • ow weight enables weight-saving system design L • igh additional radial and axial forces from the H universal joint shaft and from idle roller acceleration are absorbed by the standard bearings • vailable as an integrated mechanical system A solution consisting of a coupling, a gear unit and an oil supply system • High overload capacity • ufficiently sized bearings allow for accommodation S of additional forces at the output Central drives • orque and bearing life requirements are...

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