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Integrated Drive Systems


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Integrated Drive Systems

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Integrated Drive Systems - 2

Integrated Drive Systems: Contents Discover Siemens Integrated Drive Systems Integrated Drive systems are Siemens’ trendsetting answer to the high degree of complexity that characterizes drive and automation technology today. The world’s only true one-stop solution for entire drive systems is particularly characterized by threefold integration:   Introduction  Overview   Horizontal integration   MultipleDrive   Conveyor drives   SIMOGEAR   Mining Trucks Horizontal, vertical, and lifecycle integration ensure that every drive system component fits seamlessly into the whole system, into any...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 3

Integration creates value added Siemens Integrated Drive Systems deliver a unique answer to today’s complex challenges in the field of automation and drive technology: perfectly interacting components as part of an integrated drive portfolio, integrated into automation, and with software and services for all stages of the lifecycle. That means value added through shorter time to market and shorter time to profit. Vertical ion integrat tomation ed into au Integrat ntal Horizo n tio integra folio ve port ted dri Integra Discover more Horizontal integration Vertical integration Lifecycle...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 4

Integrated Drive Systems Integrated Drive Systems Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are the only true one-stop solution for entire drive systems worldwide. This consistent approach for the complete drive train is particularly characterized by the concept of threefold integration: horizontal, vertical, and comprehensive lifecycle integration. For improved reliability, productivity, and efficiency. Horizontal integration Integrated drive portfolio: all frequency converters, motors, couplings, and gear units available from a single source. You can boost the availability of your application or...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 5

Integrated Drive Systems Horizontal integration Integrated drive portfolio All frequency converters, motors, couplings, and gear units available from a single source. Perfectly integrated, perfectly interacting. For all power and performance classes. As standard solutions or combined to create a customized solution. Your benefits: • Unrivaled portfolio from a single source • Ensured drive train compatibility • Reliable system performance • ptimized components and ideally tuned O drive train for productivity and efficiency gains Horizontal integration Conveyor drives Mining trucks Vertical...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 6

Integrated Drive Systems Horizontal integration Solution: MultipleDrive Improved productivity and reliability in cement production and in the milling of limestone, clinker, slag, lime, plaster, and ore. Technology: • Modular system for high-power vertical mills • Two to six variable-speed drives in various arrangements • Optimally matched components • Prealigned, interchangeable standardized components • Ability of the grinding dish bearing to absorb static radial loads • Direct transfer of grinding forces into the foundation Your benefits: • High-quality standard components • Best possible...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 7

Integrated Drive Systems Horizontal integration Solution: conveyor drives Gearless drive solutions and multiple drives are available for larger systems with power requirements greater than 2 MW. Technology: • Drive units optimized for belt conveyors • Drive solutions for different applications, e.g.: • For fixed speed or variable speed • With squirrel cage motor or slip ring motor • With fluid coupling or flexible coupling • With converter • Drives with control functions, e.g.: • Slip control • Load control (for multiple drives) • Energy recovery for down hill conveying Your benefits: •...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 8

Integrated Drive Systems Horizontal integration Product: SIMOGEAR Increased productivity in conveyor technology for industrial applications, with cranes and hoists, and in environmental, water, and sewage technologies Technology: • New modular geared motor series with all market-relevant gear types (helical, parallel shaft, bevel, and worm gear units) • New series fulfills customer-relevant mounting dimensions generally used in the market • New series designed to mount induction motors and synchronous motors with high efficiencies according to IE2, IE3, and IE4 in an integrated design Your...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 9

Integrated Drive Systems Horizontal integration Application: mining trucks Improved productivity and reliability with mining truck drives Technology: • Integrated variable-speed drive system • Adaptive torque and speed control • Optimally matched components Your benefits: • High reliability • High efficiency • Electrical braking to zero speed • Siemens MD gears for 240 and 360-ton trucks • Trolley ready For trucks with 240 to 360 tons of payload Horizontal integration Discover more on the Internet Vertical integration Lifecycle integration

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Integrated Drive Systems - 10

Integrated Drive Systems Vertical integration Integrated into automation From the field level via the controller level up to MES thanks to Totally Integrated Automation. Whatever the application Your benefits: • rive train as an integrated part of Totally D Integrated Automation (TIA) reduces time to market and complexity in operation and service • ntelligent Monitoring and controls I ensure maximum availability • Perfectly interacting automation system components including control, sensors, HMI, and communication Pumps, fans and compressors Horizontal integration Vertical integration...

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Integrated Drive Systems - 11

Integrated Drive Systems Vertical integration In practice: converters within the TIA Portal Shorter time to market and reliability gains due to a single seamless commissioning and diagnosis tool for both the automation and drive system. Technology: • SINAMICS Startdrive as the new way of parameterizing motion in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) • Efficient engineering of the complete application thanks to TIA Portal’s user-friendliness for converters • Perfect interaction with SIMATIC • Integrated powerful system diagnostics functions Your benefits: • Reduced...

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