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fitt bluforce A technology worth spreading Polymer alloy pipes FITT INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS

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bluforce Polymer alloy pipes

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FITT Bluforce certified product The revolutionary polymer alloy pipe for conveying fluids under pressure: ductility and resistance to crack propagation guarantee extreme reliability over time. The experience acquired in recent decades has shown that premium-quality materials are essential when building major infrastructures such as water supply networks, irrigation networks and sewerage networks under pressure. The overall expenditure for these types of projects depends on the initial costs, but above all on the management and maintenance costs throughout the entire service life of the...

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B FITT Bluforce is Made in Italy. The regulatory path of FITT Bluforce started with the technical specification issued in 1995 by North West Water named: “CPE/PVCU Alloy pressure pipes, integral joints, and post-formed bends for cold potable water and for sewerage, drainage and industrial applications” . Lastly, in 2015 the Istituto Italiano dei Plastici (IIP), on FITT’s indication, issued the IIP 1.1/19 technical specification which transposes the contents of (Italian) Ministerial Decree no. 174/2004 (Water for human consumption) and of the above-mentioned BS PAS 27/1999 standard The...

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the fitt bluforce epd - Environmental Product Declaration FITT Bluforce is the first PVC-A product range to achieve EPD® marking in Europe. This is the environmental product declaration that provides certified data on the life cycle of products, following the ISO 14025 and EN 15804:2012 + A2:2019 international standards. The FITT Bluforce range provides utilities and freelance professionals with a wide range of solutions for infrastructural networks, now also completed with certified information on product environmental footprint. FITT Bluforce and FITT Bluforce RJ meet the requirements for...

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A Third verifier in accordance with: ISO 14025:2006. THE ADVANTAGES OF THE EPD® CERTIFICATION Is international The Bluforce and Bluforce RJ EPD® is a certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) that lists environmental data on the life cycle of Bluforce products, in accordance with international standard ISO 14025. Is reliable The Bluforce and Bluforce RJ EPD® is based on the scientific principles of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and is awarded following an independent assessment. Is transparent The Bluforce range environmental product declaration data are calculated and presented...

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the fitt bluforce epd - Environmental Product Declaration ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE AND USE OF RESOURCES The Bluforce range EPD® contains an analysis of a set of impact categories, therefore offering a wide view of the potential environmental impacts, from climate changes to impacts associated with the use of water. • Depletion of abiotic resources-elements (kg Sb equiv.): measures impacts associated with the consumption of minerals, metals, and similar materials; • Depletion of abiotic resources-fossil fuels (MJ): is a measure of the consumption of non-renewable energy sources; •...

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The revolutionary polymer alloy The technology used to manufacture FITT Bluforce is based on the PVC-A polymer alloy, where “A” refers to “alloy” made up of two main compounds: the traditional , PVC-U and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE). PVC-A combines the resistance of PVC-U and the ductility of polyethylene, yielding a product capable of offering extremely high resistance to crack propagation – the major cause of fracture during the operation of pressurised pipelines. During the course of the 1990s, the need to refurbish grey cast iron, PVC-U and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipelines...

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The revolutionary polymer alloy This new alloy, termed PVC-A, was used by FITT to manufacture FITT Bluforce, which is currently able to guarantee: MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE CURVATURE 6m • extreme ductility and thus the absence of brittle fracture • considerable resistance to impacts and point loads even at low temperatures • high resistance to crack propagation • excellent tolerance to chemical aggression • invulnerability to stray currents • lower weight – with diameter being equal – compared to conventional resin and metal pipes FITT BLUFORCE DN [mm] • advantageous hydraulic section compared to...

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PVC-A Ductile Iron PVC-U PVC-A Ductile Iron ENHANCED FLOW RATE (liter/second) HIGH LAYING SPEED (kg/metre) PE100 PVC-U PVC-A PE100 Ductile Iron PVC-U PVC-A Ductile Iron PVC-U Steel PVC-A Ductile Iron LOWER WEIGHT (metres/hour) PE100 PVC-U PVC-A PE100 Ductile Iron PVC-U PVC-A Ductile Iron PVC-U Steel PVC-A Ductile Iron All data is calculated for DN200 pipes (PE100, PVC-U and PVC-A: PN16). The flow rate is calculated using a straight section measuring 1,000 metres with 12 bar internal pressure. The laying speed is calculated without considering the trench excavation and backfilling phases....

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C-Ring test the ductility test for PVC-A FITT Bluforce is subjected to the C-Ring Test, a specific destructive test conducted in the laboratory that allows for assessing toughness (Kc value), namely the resistance to the crack’s growth over time. The test, prescribed in the BS PAS 27/1999 standard and thus in the IIP 1.1/19 Technical Specification, reveals the high ductility of the material, which withstands brittle fractures. To thoroughly analyse how the crack propagates and assess its potential impact on the pipe’s fracture mechanism (ductile or brittle), the PVC-A developers have...

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The C-RING TEST highlights the always ductile behaviour of FITT Bluforce, confirming the product’s reliability over time and the lower maintenance requirements of the completed work. Its high resistance to crack propagation enables the material to reach the yield phase before the crack degenerates, causing the pipe’s brittle fracture. The FITT Bluforce sample on which a fracture was triggered contains a white-coloured zone which signals that the expected yield phase has occurred (FIG. 4). The results of the C-RING TEST perfectly match the results of the pressure test conducted on a sample...

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