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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 2

Editorial | Only those who think ahead stay ahead „Only those who think ahead stay ahead.“ Vacuum Technology Expertise With the headquarter in Ismaning / Germany, just outside of Munich, FIPA specialises in developing and marketing innovative vacuum technology for handling a wide variety of products. In doing so we cover the entire process chain, from vacuum generation to system peripherals, through to vacuum cups and gripper systems at the interface with your product. Our aim is to offer the right solution for every customer and every requirement. Either by selecting a suitable product from...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 3

Overview of materials | Order logic Overview of vacuum cup materials Short designation Material code Commercial designation Butadiene rubber, anti-static Foam rubber Commercial Short-term Abrasion Flexiname working resistance bility (example) temperature [°C] Fuel resistance Ozone and weathering resistance Acid resistance Leaching resistance Hydrogenated acrylonitrileTherban® butadiene rubber Nitrile rubber Nitrile rubber, anti-static Natural rubber Natural rubber Polyurethane (EU/AU) Silicone rubber Silicone rubber Silicone rubber, anti-static Thermoplastic elastomer Tepuflex® Thermalon®...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 4

Sachgerechte Lagerung von Elastomeren Some elastomer parts are stored for long periods. This can affect product quality. Changes are the result of individual or combined influences of special factors, such as deformation, oxygen, ozone, light, heat, moisture, oils and solvents. For this reason, precautions must be taken to ensure that the service life will not be considerably shortened by incorrect storage. Storage and the recording of time in storage is governed by ISO 2230 and DIN 7716. Heat > Storage temperature of elastomers should preferably be between +5 °C and +25 °C. > Direct...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 5

Content | Summary The full FIPA product line General explanation Vacuum cups - Industries Vacuum cups - Series Vacuum cups by size Fastening elements vacuum cups Vacuum cups accessories Vacuum gripping systems Special grippers Vacuum generation Vacuum filters Control technology Valve technology System monitoring General technical information | Technical tables | Questionnaires | Fax form Item number index

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 6

The full FIPA product line The full FIPA product line: Criteria that affect quality, such as choice of materials or robustness can be taken forgranted nowadays. At FIPA, we focus more on offering the right solution for every requirement. Vacuum Technology Competence in vacuum cups and vacuum components As a system provider, FIPA covers the entire process chain from vacuum generation, through system peripherals, to the optimal vacuum cups for your product. A wide range of highly-efficient vacuum pumps and ejectors are available for optimum vacuum generation. This allows very short cycle times...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 7

The full FIPA product line End-of-Arm-Tooling > Request a catalogue now at Expertise in End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) In addition to vacuum components and vacuum cups, FIPA is also your point of contact when it comes to End-of-Arm-Tooling, e.g. for industrial robot applications. Here, we continue to operate on the modular design principle and offer a comprehensive range of grippers, pneumatic air nippers and accessories. In addition, we provide complete gripper systems that are individually tailored to your requirements. As a result of system compatibility, we ensure that existing...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 8

General explanation | Vacuum cups Structure of order number: Using the example of a flat vacuum cup with a diameter of 30 mm made of silicone material Material code (derived from the material overview in the foldover) Product feature material code - to be derived from the material overview Recommended connection parts for the vacuum cup shown (fitting) spring levelers Stroke spring levelers Available material (colour) All dimensions in this catalogue are given in mm. Changes in any form are reserved.

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 9

Vacuum cups - Industries | Content

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 10

Vacuum cups - Industries | Notes

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 11

Vacuum cups - Industries | Sheet metal handling at a glance FIPA vacuum cups for sheet metal handling > Oil-resistant materials, such as NBR, are primarily used in the handling of sheet metal. Flat vacuum cups for dynamic sheet handling - SM-F > Reliable, non-slip handling of oily sheets thanks to “anti-slip” supporting ribs. Good absorption of lateral forces > Supports help to prevent deep-drawing or deformation of thin sheets > Vulcanised connection thread ensures a secure fit > Diameter: 30 - 125 mm > See page 64 Bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 folds for dynamic sheet handling - SM-B >...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 12

Vacuum cups - Industries | Sheet metal handling at a glance FIPA Vacuum cups for sheet metal handling Heavy-duty flat vacuum suction plates - SFPL-D > Vulcanised steel carrier plate allows lifting of very heavy loads > Secure gripping of uneven surfaces thanks to additional inner sealing lip > Diameter: 160 - 300 mm > See page 73 Vacuum suction plate with foamed sealing lip - SP-PLM > Good sealing of heavily textured surfaces > Cost-effective replacement of worn seals > Diameter: 35 - 300 mm > See page 72 Flat XXL suction rings - SFR > Large, flat suction seals vulcanised on steel ring for...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 13

Vacuum cups - Industries | Sheet metal handling at a glance FIPA Vacuum cups for sheet metal handling Bellows vacuum suction plates - SBPL-E > Gentle handling of heavy, sensitive products > Good adaptation to concave or convex surfaces > Rubberised support surfaces prevent deformation of workpieces > Diameter: 150 - 350 mm > See page 137 Suction plates with leakage reduction - SPLT > Reliable suction with variable product shapes in systems with multiple vacuum cups > Combination of 4x4 or 6x6 bellows vacuum cups with 2.5 folds > Flow restrictions prevent the collapse of the vacuum when...

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FIPA Vacuum Technology - 14

Vacuum cups - Industries | Wood & Glass at a glance FIPA Vacuum cups for the wood and glass industries > In wood and glass industries, the materials used are mainly robust but low-marking > Rough surfaces are reliably sealed > Thin glass can be handled safely > Supports in various forms prevent the deformation of thin-walled products Flat vacuum cups for textured surfaces - SFU-R > Optimal sealing of rough and uneven surfaces thanks to very fine sealing lips > Enhanced safety thanks to two-fold, internal safety sealing lip > Interlocking, clip-in retaining plate for quick and inexpensive...

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