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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 2

“Only those who think ahead stay ahead.” FIPA specializes in developing and selling high-quality products, innovative material-flow and "pick & place" system solutions. At FIPA, quality means – above all – developing products and solutions that are precisely adapted to the customer’s requirements. That is why we apply not only standard components but also highly customized individual solutions. FIPA experts are ready to serve you with advanced application know-how, professional project management, and innovative approaches. FIPA accepts the challenge of finding solutions where others have...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 3

General technical information Questionnaires Item numbers index

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 4

About FIPA FIPA: Your sErVICE PoINT FIPA places the highest value on an excellent service culture that includes personal contact and professional project management. Just call us! We’ll happily provide the appropriate information, service, or product you require. Training and seminars So that no questions go unanswered E-academy Your flexible FIPA continual training scheme Tests and loan equipment Doing is better than studying Service package with extended guarantee For long-term satisfaction Personal advice You have the choice: an initial consultation or an expert-level meeting Goods...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 5

About FIPA KEY ELEmENTs The potential of modular systems is that a limited number of elements can give rise to endless possibilities for new developments. These can be achieved in the shortest possible time frame with reliable results. VACuum TEChNoLoGY LIFTING TEChNoLoGY Suction | Control and regulation Vacuum generation Lifting | Moving Transporting You can find all the information you need about FIPA components at or in the corresponding product catalog The elements of our modular construction kit system can be joined up quickly, and they function reliably. Whether in...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 6

About FIPA our mArKETs Plastics "Increasing cost pressure, complex component geometries, additional material functions, and ever-decreasing time-to-market: These are the challenges the plastics industry faces every day. Our response: Highly flexible gripper systems, heat-resistant components, lowmarking and silicone-free HNBR pads for handling sensitive parts, and customized grippers for highest customer requirements." INjECTIoN moLdEd PArT rEmoVAL GATE CuT TING LIFTING BAGs oF GrANuLAr mATErIAL mArTIN TurNEr Director Business Unit Plastics sheet metal "Products for the metal and sheet...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 7

About FIPA Packaging "Nowadays packaging is not only expected to protect products, it should also extend the shelf-life, be impermeable to oxygen, light, and moisture while being sustainable and individual. Manufacturers of packaging equipment rely on construction kit systems to master these tasks. Our response: The worldwide largest range of vacuum cups can be combined with countless vacuum components to ensure that all types of packaging can be gripped safely." PICK & PLACE CArdBoArd Box hANdLING PALLET hANdLING BAG hANdLING Food & BEVErAGE TorsTEN EIFLEr Director Business Unit Packaging...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 8

FIPA Gripper assembly | At a glance FIPA Gripper assembly – your options for the highest benefit of technology and know-how > Providing a workpiece sample or CAd drawing allows us to offer the optimal gripper > We will be pleased to perform gripping tests with your material to select the appropriate components > FIPA provides full technical support and supplies all required components > You conduct the final assembly > FIPA designs the gripper according to your specification in 3d CAd and all components and an installation guide are provided > You conduct the final assembly > FIPA plans and...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 9

FIPA Components for gripper assembly Suction fingers or vacuum cup fittings Suction fingers, rigid Suction fingers, rotatable Suction fingers, spring-loaded, rotatable, with anit-twist protection Adjustable vacuum cup fitting Application example

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 10

FIPA Gripper assembly | At a glance FIPA Plate-based gripper systems Plate-based gripper systems made of aluminum or carbon fiber (CFK) Properties > simplified gripper construction reduces costs and weight compared to extrusion-based systems > Connecting elements such as angle clamps or profile connectors can be omitted > Lower total weight enhances gripping dynamics and reduces current consumption Example 1 ̶ Tool for gripping a two-component part > Four parallel grippers > Linear guiding block > Four customized centering plates > Quick-change system > holder for harting plug Example 2 ̶...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 11

FIPA Gripper assembly | At a glance FIPA Grippers based on polyamide (PA) laserforming > FIPA offers PA-grippers as an alternative to aluminum extrusion-based systems > The structures are built layer by layer via laserforming > realization of special gripping tools in quantities of one or more > use of PA-components reduces weight and increases gripping dynamics > Adjustment to workpiece contour enables high accelerations and gentle handling of sensitive products > Vacuum or air channels integrated into the material minimize piping and complexity and enable space-saving installation >...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 12

FIPA Gripper assembly | Notes

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 13

Quick-change systems | Content

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 14

Quick-change systems | At a glance FIPA Quick-change systems > Safe and stable connection of robot and gripper > Manual or automatic operation > Minimum downtime S Series ̶ manual quick-change system > Four sizes with load capacity from 5 to 40 kg > Easy change-over of base plates and pneumatic couplings > Spring loaded base plates for compensating ejector stroke of injection molding machines (GR05.023, GR05.024) > See page 13 SR Series ̶ manual quick-change system > Three sizes with load capacity of 20, 40 and 100 kg > Secure snap-on coupling SAFE-LOCK > Locking position optically...

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FIPA Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling-Catalog - 15

Product notes > Manual interface between robot and gripper system > Minimized down time due to fast gripper change > Available in four sizes > Clamping levers included in scope of delivery > Base plates and pneumatic connections not included in scope of delivery

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