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Insights into the FIPA product world | 01.18 en

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CONTENTS About FIPA Vacuum technology Lifting technology Product catalogs

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TechnoloGies for GrippinG, VAcuum & lifTinG FIPA is an internationally active company specializing in the development and distribution of quality products and innovative system solutions. We handle processes in the plastics, sheet metal, packaging industries and general industries. systems. FIPA presents this kit in three comprehensive main catalogs. One reason for us to provide you with a comprehensive overview – use it to discover the FIPA product world and get an idea of the possibilities we have to offer. Let us advise you on the next step. Our contribution to flexible production in...

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fipA: Your serVice poinT FIPA places the highest value on an excellent service, including personal contact and professional project management. Just call us! We will happily provide the appropriate information, service, or product you require. Trainings and seminars So that no questions go unanswered Tests and loan equipment Doing is better than studying Personal advice You have the choice: an initial consultation or an expert-level meeting E-academy Your flexible FIPA further training plan Service package with extended guarantee For long-term satisfaction Goods management Order by 4 p.m....

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ABOUT FIPA KeY elemenTs The fascination of modular systems is that a limited number of elements can give rise to endless possibilities for new developments. These can be achieved in the shortest possible time frame with reliable results. VAcuum TechnoloGY lifTinG TechnoloGY mArKeT plAce plAsTics whether in robotics, sheeT meTAl lifting technology, or in general handling tasks – our industry-specific solutions make fipA unique. GenerAl indusTries

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End-of-Arm-Tooling With FIPA, you benefit from an innovative series of End-of-Arm-Tooling components that combine to form an extensive modular construction kit that comprises varied sizes of sprue grippers, fastening elements, and diverse accessories – all of which can be tailored to your specific application. The FIPA product range includes a wide range of products for End-of-Arm-Tooling , such as • Quick-change systems • Grippers • Parallel and angular grippers • ID grippers and gripper fingers • Magnetic grippers • Needle grippers • Air nippers • Profile systems And much more at...

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Quick-change systems The interface to the robot • Round and square • Also available in stainless steel • Standardized frame sizes • Safety ensured by SAFE-LOCK You can find out all about quick-change systems at or in the End-of-Arm-Tooling catalog.

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• Miniature grippers for very tight spaces • Power gripper with a very high clamping force • A number of different jaw shapes • Easy to replace due to identical connection and external dimensions Miniature grippers, Series 60, 80 and 90 - single-action Details of grippers can be found at or in the End-of-Arm-Tooling catalog.

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without sensor Grippers, Series 100 - single-action The product range is completed by • Series 140 with very high gripping force • Series 840 with feed stroke for retraction to the component and back stroke for the complete retraction to deposit the component

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Parallel and angular grippers Accurately positioned gripping, lifting up and depositing of components • Parallel grippers for large strokes • 2-finger parallel grippers for pick & place applications, handling of inserts • 3-finger gripper for precise handling of, for example, inserts • Angular grippers for gripping on undercuts or for clamping components • Single-acting and for short cycle times double-acting versions available id grippers For workpieces with recesses or drilled holes • Compact design • Gripper heads in 3 - 10 mm available in food-safe materials • High holding force •...

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Magnetic grippers Handling of metal sheets or ferromagnetic workpieces • Powerful permanent magnets • Handling without a vacuum • Energy supply is needed only for gripping or depositing

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Air nippersSeparating and cutting of plastic sprues or metal wires A large selection of cutting inserts provide individual options for applications Integration directly into the gripper, into trimming stations, or for manual actuation * Cutting inserts are just a selection of examples Cutting inserts for plastic and metal, straight shape You can find out all about the blades at or in the End-of-Arm-Tooling

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linear technology Double-acting linear components • Precise positioning of gripper components and vacuum cups possible • Corresponding sensors for monitoring the operating position can be provided as an option Double piston cylinder for moving the gripper component precisely to the workpiece Short-stroke cylinder to compensate for the height difference Guide carriages for the precise positioning of gripper elements You can find out all about linear technology at or in the End-of-Arm-Tooling catalog

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Profile systems The basis for gripper systems • Aluminum extrusions • Material: AlMgSi 0.5 F25 • Special lengths over 2,000 mm on request You can find out all about profiles at or in the End-of-Arm-Tooling catalog.

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Profile connectors Ensure solid holding • FIPA profile connectors ensure the firm connection of two profile pieces • Cross connectors are often used here • Additional designs, for example for connections at variable angles, are also available Angle clamps Versatile integration of suction elements into gripper systems • Various designs and clamp diameters are available • For connecting suction fingers and elbow arms • Functionality plays a significant role here. FIPA offers a wide variety of components.

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Suction fingers Clamping Additional designs can be found at or in th

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Suspensions Compensates for differences in height or in the ejector stroke in the injection molding • For fast cycle times in highly dynamic applications • With no additional expense in control technology • non-rotating designs allow the use of oval vacuum cups The product range is completed by: Suspensions Heavy-duty Suspensions for direct vacuum cup mounting You can find out all about suspensions at or in the End-of-Arm-Tooling catalog.

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