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Water Treatment solutions

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VALVES AND FITTINGS MANUFACTURER SINCE 1954 01 THE WATER CYCLE - Water treatment solutions 02 - Potable water treatment 04 - Municipal wastewater treatment 06 - Industrial water treatment 08 - Industrial wastewater treatment 10 CHEMICAL DOSING AND CLEANING IN PLACE 12 SAND AND CARBON FILTRATION 13 THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS - KEY FEATURES 17 SYSTEM OVERVIEW - TECHNICAL DATA AND RANGE - Valves 18 CASE HISTORY - Potable water plant - KSA 22 - Onshore oil field - Italy 23 The information in this leaflet is provided in good faith. No liability will be accepted concerning technical data that is not...

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KNOW-HOW Since 1954 FIP produces injection molded valves and fittings in thermoplastic materials for pressure pipeline systems thus becoming nowadays a leading European valves manufacturer. SOLUTIONS FIP is a reliable supplier for the most conventional pressure pipeline systems such as water distribution systems, civil and industrial water treatment, irrigation, gardening, field and greenhouse farming, sports facilities, swimming pools, aqua parks, SPA and everywhere is required ease of installation, minimum maintenance and long life. VERSATILITY Global market challenge is to provide...

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WATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS Many areas of the world are already experiencing stress on water availability mainly due to the accelerated growth of population. In the next years, water is expected to become the most vital raw material of the 21st century. Everywhere, FIP is a reliable supplier for the most important municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment processes where is required to remove the contaminants from the different water sources (e.g. surface water and seawater) and to convert wastewater into an effluent that can be reused or returned to the water cycle with minimal...

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CHEMICAL DOSING AND CLEANING IN PLACE Seawater pumping station Raw water pumping station SAND FILTRATION Clariflocculation system SAND FILTRATION POTABLE WATER TREATMENT Good drinking water quality is something too often taken for granted, but except for a little number of fresh sources, it is the result of previous treatments. The raw water of a potable water treatment plant can come from different sources: surface waters come from rivers, lakes and reservoirs, which may have a wide range of chemistries with high mineral and metal contents, chloride levels and particulates, while sea and...

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Potable water tank

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Wastewater tank Primary sedimentation tank Activated sludge tank MUNICIPAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT Municipal wastewater treatment is a key sector to keep a clean water cycle working: pollution from municipal waste is one of the main challenging issue of the future as the population growth in various geographical areas strongly require new and more efficient wastewater treatment plant. Municipal wastewater contains biological human waste and organic garbage, detergents, oils, paper fibers as well as other highly polluting chemicals that have to be neutralized to minimize the environmental...

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Secondary sedimentation tank SAND FILTRATION

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CHEMICAL DOSING AND CLEANING IN PLACE Raw water pumping station SAND FILTRATION Clariflocculation system INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT In the last decade the industrial water treatment has emerged as one of the most important topic in industries such as oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, microelectronics, food and beverage, power generation and mining. Within these industries, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultrafiltration (UF) are the most important technologies associated with simple salt removal: the treatment of seawater used as feed water for industrial purposes is the...

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CHEMICAL DOSING Industrial wastewater tank Coagulation tank Flocculation tank INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT All industrial processes generate wastewater that have to be reconditioned before being reused or returned to the water cycle. To take care of the environment and protect people and natural resources, environmental sustainability issues must be approached with sense of responsibility. Severe regulations are necessary to set new limits on discharge of wastewater and industrial facilities have to undertake effective actions to comply with these new conditions and requirements. To help...

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Final tank Clariflocculation system

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Chemical dosing is a crucial part of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment processes. The dosing of chemicals is necessary to disinfect the water and prevent biological growth (chlorination) but also to destabilize and agglomerate colloidal matter (coagulation/flocculation) as well as to avoid the precipitation of salts on the membrane surface (scale inhibitors through CIP) and to remove chlorine for the protection of the membranes by oxidation. FIP studies and offers proper solutions for any chemical dosing system taking advantage of thermoplastic resins' versatility and...

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Sand and carbon filtration are typically used for achieving supplemental removals of suspended solids and pathogens not destroyed by the clariflocculation process. Sand and carbon filtration are equipped with automated backwash system in order to keep a high level of efficiency. All FIP valves may fulfill the requirement of the automation system and flow control. DK/CP Pneumatically actuated 2-way diaphragm valve Main features ■ New body design for higher flow coefficient ■ High visibility optical position indicator ■ Light and compact piston type actuator in PP-GR ■ Long lifetime without...

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Membrane filtration is increasingly used for removal of bacteria, microorganisms, particulates and natural organic material. Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nano filtration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) are the most used membrane filtration in municipal and industrial water treatment plants with different kinds of pore sizes and pressures. Reverse osmosis, commonly known for its use in potable water from seawater, can effectively remove under high pressure all inorganic contaminants. FIP studies and develops dedicated valves and instruments for potable water treatments. VXE...

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