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VM/RM DN 8÷15

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UTILITIES & INDUSTRY Mini-diaphragm and diaphragm cock valve

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VM/RM DN 8÷15 The VM mini-valve and RM diaphragm cock valve are both used to shut-off and regulate fluid flow and are characterised by their reduced size. MINI-DIAPHRAGM VALVE • Connection system for solvent weld and threaded joints • Extremely compact dimensions • Can be installed in any position • Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) and elastomer seal elements (EPDM), with water, drinking water and other food substances as per current regulations • Specically designed for laboratory applications or for sampling purposes DIAPHRAGM COCK VALVE • Connection system for threaded joints • Can...

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Mini-diaphragm valve with female ends for solvent welding, metric series Mini-diaphragm valve with BSP threaded female ends Diaphragm cock valve with BSP threaded male ends and hose connection Diaphragm cock valve with BSP threaded male ends

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EXPLODED VIEW 1- Screw (STAINLESS steel -1) The material of the component and the quantity supplied are indicated between brackets

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1) Isolate the mini-valve or cock valve from the fluid. 1) Assemble the two split couplings (6), the sleeve (5) and diaphragm (7) to the stem (4), making sure that the latter is inserted in the larger cavity of each half collar, while the diaphragm connection is inserted in the smaller cavity 2) Unscrew the bonnet (3) clockwise. 3) Unscrew screw (1) and remove the handwheel (2). 4) Remove the stem (4) to access the split couplings (6), the sleeve (5) and diaphragm (7) 2) Screw the stem (4) to the bonnet (3) 3) Position the handwheel (2) on the bonnet and tighten the screw (1) 4) Screw the...

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FIP - Formatura Iniezione Polimeri Loc. Pian di Parata, 16015 Casella Genova Italy Tel. +39 010 9621.1 Fax +39 010 9621.209 info.p@aliaxis.com www.pnet.com MANUAL PVC-U VALVES Code LEVAMAV MANUAL VALVES The PVC-U manual valves line consists of a comprehensive range of ball valves, buttery valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, sediment strainers, air release valves, foot valves and angle seat valves for use in the construction of process and service lines for conveying pressurised industrial uids and for maximum operating temperatures of no more than 60°C

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