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Swimming Pool&Spa Solutions

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VALVES AND FITTINGS MANUFACTURER SINCE 1954 01 SWIM AND WELLNESS - Swimming pool & SPA solutions 02 - Public swimming pool water treatment 04 - Private swimming pool water treatment 06 - Aqua park water treatment 08 - SPA & Wellness water treatment 10 THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS - KEY FEATURES 17 SYSTEM OVERVIEW - TECHNICAL DATA AND RANGE - Valves 18 CASE HISTORY - SPA FACILITY - Italy 22 - OLYMPIC SWIMMING FACILITIES - Brazil 23 The information in this leaflet is provided in good faith. No liability will be accepted concerning technical data that is not directly covered by recognised...

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KNOW-HOW Since 1954 FIP produces injection molded valves and fittings in thermoplastic materials for pressure pipeline systems thus becoming nowadays a leading European valves manufacturer. SOLUTIONS FIP is a reliable supplier for the most conventional pressure pipeline systems such as water distribution systems, civil and industrial water treatment, irrigation, gardening, field and greenhouse farming, sports facilities, swimming pools, aqua parks, SPA and everywhere is required ease of installation, minimum maintenance and long life. VERSATILITY Global market challenge is to provide...

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SWIMMING POOL AND SPA SOLUTIONS Swimming pool and water park industry is a dynamic and growing market thanks to the evolution of process technologies, building techniques and no limit to imagination in design as well as the introduction of new European regulations concerning quality standards and technological equipment. SPA centers are, on the other hand, a distinctive element for prestigious hotels, thermae and resorts willing to provide unique wellness services. Since its foundation in 1954, FIP is providing solutions for worldwide customers in swimming pool, water park and SPA industry.

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CHEMICAL DOSING Balance tank Pump SAND FILTRATION PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT Public swimming pool must constantly provide safe and crystal water even at peak usage times. Moreover, as the clear water recirculation must not interfere with swimmers’ performance during a competition, swimming and waterpolo facilities usually combine innovation and technology for water filtration and recirculation.

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Balance tank PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT An efficient water treatment of a private swimming pool is necessary mainly for ensuring healthy condition to every owner that can not undertake any risk for his personal and family health. Therefore a proper filtration and disinfection processes are needed for maintaining crystal clear water and for preventing the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases.

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Salt chlorination Heat Exchanger MEMBRANE FILTRATION

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SAND FILTRATION Heat Exchanger AQUA PARK WATER TREATMENT Nowadays aqua parks have become more demanding concerning design flexibility and usage of corrosion free materials, water valves and filter systems. Increasing environment sensibility requires efficient recovery systems and recycled water as well as geothermal and solar heaters. Safe clean water in a well-protected environment for children and adults of all ages are hallmarks of water parks’ advertising and track records.

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Balance tank SAND FILTRATION SPA & WELLNESS WATER TREATMENT Hotel and Resort invest in amazing pools and SPA facilities to attract and retain their guests and to distinguish in a high competitive sector. Water quality is a vital factor for SPA tourism industry: to meet the high expectations of customers, the most beautiful pools or luxurious SPA should be able to always grant excellent water quality standard.

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CONVEYANCE OF WATER A safe and efficient conveyance of water involved in every swimming pool and SPA facilities is also necessary for avoiding chemical corrosion problems and for maintaining low O&M costs. PVC-U and PVC-C resins guarantee excellent chemical resistance, optimal thermal stability and an extremely extended lifetime. PVC-U and PVC-C systems offer pipes and fittings for solvent welding to convey swimming pool and SPA water under pressure at a maximum operating temperature of 100 °C. The range includes a complete choice of ball valves, butterfly valves and check valves. FK...

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CHEMICAL DOSING The chemical dosing is a crucial part of swimming pool and aqua park processes because the suspended particles are different in size, composition, charge and density. The addition of coagulants and flocculants is an essential method used before the filtration process and it is necessary to destabilize and agglomerate colloidal matters. In most of these cases, the chemicals used are corrosive and dangerous. For this reason, it is required high chemical resistance and extended lifetime of the system. DK DIALOCK® 2-way diaphragm valve Main features ■ New body design for higher...

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SAND FILTRATION Sand filtration is the heart of the process and it is used for achieving an accurate removal of suspended solids and pathogens. This kind of filtration system is the most common and simple to use with low maintenance and long lifetime. Furthermore, the sand, as filter medium, is easy to find in the market and the filtration quality can improve thanks to coagulation and flocculation processes. Sand filtration system is equipped with automated backwashing and rinsing in order to keep a high level of efficiency. FEButterfly valve Main features ■ Ergonomic multifunctional handle...

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MEMBRANE FILTRATION Membrane filtration is another common kind of pool filter for the removal of particulates and natural organic material. Particularly, microfiltration (MF) through cartridge filter is the most used membrane filtration in the swimming pool & SPA industry, removing material up to approximately 5 microns. MF filters finer particles and requires less water flow and less energy than a sand filter. On the other side, the cartridge filter uses a paper filter medium which simply does not last as long as sand media and requires replacement every 3-5 years. VXE Easyfit 2-way ball...

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