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Solutions for Level and Pressure Measurement

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Solutions for Level and Pressure Measurement

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VALVES AND FITTINGS MANUFACTURER SINCE 1954 1 SOLUTIONS FOR LEVEL AND PRESSURE MEASUREMENT 2 ONE SINGLE PRODUCT FOR DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS 4 FROM THE SINGLE PRODUCT TO A COMPLETE SOLUTION 6 MEETING DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS NEEDS 10 The information in this leaflet is provided in good faith. No liability will be accepted concerning technical data that is not directly covered by recognised international standards. FIP reserves the right to carry out any modification. Products must be installed and maintained by qualified personnel.

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KNOW-HOW Since 1954 FIP produces injection molded valves and fittings in thermoplastic materials for pressure pipeline systems thus becoming nowadays a leading European valves manufacturer. SOLUTIONS FIP is a reliable supplier for the most conventional pressure pipeline systems such as water distribution systems, civil and industrial water treatment, irrigation, gardening, field and greenhouse farming, sports facilities, swimming pools, aqua parks, SPA and everywhere is required ease of installation, minimum maintenance and long life. VERSATILITY Global market challenge is to provide...

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BASIN HIGH-LEVEL TANK WATER WORKS DEEP BOREWELL MONITORING WELL AQUA PARK SOLUTIONS FOR LEVEL AND PRESSURE MEASUREMENT The level and the pressure measurement market is rich of technical solutions and, despite new technologies are growing fast, the major market share is still in the hands of historical hydrostatic technology. This solution offers many advantages: general ones as flexible installation, simple commissioning, easy maintenance, and also specific ones as the feature of not being affected by foam and vapour and the excellent zero drift stability.

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PVDF/FPM premium combination of wetted materials Excellent chemical compatibilities and stability in temperature Capacitive sensor High sensitivity and superior linearity in response Standard PUR cable Good chemical compatibilities, great mechanical properties Semi flush diaphragm Long lasting operating time in heavy applications Protection Cap Extra safeguard against mechanical stress on diaphragm

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Submersed with cable in conduit On pipe line derivation Submersed with wetted cable OPTIONS Element ALTERNATIVES ■ SS AISI630 body equipped with SS AISI630 flush diaphragm and ranges from 0-1 bar up to 0-100 bar (gauge mode) ■ SS AISI316L body equipped with ceramic semiflush diaphragm and ranges from 0-0.1 bar up to 0-25 bar (gauge or absolute mode)

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FROM THE SINGLE PRODUCT TO A SYSTEMHF6 + M9.10 Dual-Parameter Analog Monitor The HF6 transmitter can be empowered by the combination with the FLS M9.10. The FLS M9.10 is a powerful monitor and transmitter designed to manage two analog signals (or analog and frequency signals). It is equipped with a wide full graphic display 4” which shows measured values clearly and a lot of other useful information. Moreover, due to a multicolor display plus a powerful backlight, measurement status can be determined easily from afar also. A tutorial software guarantees a mistake-proof and fast set up of...

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To enhance the system of HF6 and M9.10 FIP has coinceived a new special software with advanced and specific functions for level and pressure measurements. This software can be downloaded freely and installed easily by the USB port of the monitor. HF6 Software FOR LEVEL/VOLUME ■ Possibility of computing the level measurement based on the hydrostatic pressure. ■ Simplified data reading thanks to several units of measurement. ■ Volume determination through the level measurement considering the vessel geometry. ■ Intuitive application to level/volume monitoring in open basins and tanks, and to...

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MEETING DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS HIGH-LEVEL TANK High tanks help the water supply network to get a proper water head. HF6 sensor with higher operating ranges (up to 40 bar) can meet the pressure requirements of the pump for refilling tank with drinking water. BASIN Artificial as well as natural reservoirs secure a continuous water supply during dry seasons. Hydrostatic pressure transmitter is a smart solution to monitor level. Protection cap offers an extra barrier against possible collisions with solids, like pebbles and stones. DEEP BOREWELL Hydrostatic level sensor provides a reliable...

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WATER WORKS Water for human consuming must be filtered and treated usually by at least a chlorination. The water treatment process includes many tanks which can be divided in buffer tanks (pre/post treatment) and storage tanks. The tanks level monitoring can be performed by a convenient external installation. In this case the bottom thread of the hydrostatic sensor HF6 allows a simple coupling with a shutting off valve which simplifies all the maintenance activities. Level of ground water reservoirs is strategic for preventing hydrogeological instability due to an over exploitation of...

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MEETING DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS LANDFILL SITE Aggressive liquids are collected in leachate pools. HF6 equipped with optional FEP cable is the proper solution for monitoring level preventing any contamination of the ground due to the overfilling. CIVIL WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT A plant for treating sewage includes settling tanks, digesters pools and aeration basins: facilities which need a constant level monitoring. The semiflush diaphragm of HF6 provides a reliable monitoring definitely unaffected by foam and by the presence of solids. INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT An industrial...

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NEEDS RAIN WATER POND During storms, the sewage system can be in overloading so, to prevent this condition, retention basin offers a temporary compensation slowing this process. Upper thread of the sensor combined with a conduit offers a level monitoring by a submersed installation with protected cable, granting a long operating time under adverse weather conditions. LIFT STATION Civil wastewater flows in the sewage network by gravity. Wastewater is received in basins where the pumps lift water to higher tanks generating a proper hydraulic head. Hydrostatic measurement helps to prevent an...

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