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DIALOCK® 2-way diaphragm valve

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The DK DIALOCK® diaphragm valve is particularly suitable for shutting off and regulating abrasive or dirty fluids. The new internal geometry of the body optimises fluid dynamic efficiency by increasing the flow rate and ensuring an optimum linearity of the flow adjustment curve. The DK is extremely compact and very light. The innovative handwheel is equipped with a patented immediate and ergonomic operating locking device that allows it to be adjusted and locked in any position. DIALOCK® 2-WAY DIAPHRAGM VALVE • Connection system for solvent welding and for threaded and flanged joints •...

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High visibility graduated optical position indicator protected by a transparent cap with seal O-Ring 2 Customisation plate. The customisation lets you identify the valve on the system according to specific needs 3 DIALOCK® SYSTEM: innovative handwheel with a patented immediate and ergonomic locking device that allows it to be adjusted and locked in over 300 positions 4 Handwheel and bonnet in high mechanical strength and chemically resistant PP-GR, providing full protection by isolating all internal metal parts from contact with external agents 5 Floating pin connection between the control...

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RELATIVE FLOW COEFFICIENT GRAPH 100 90 Relative flow coefficient The relative flow coefficient is the flow rate through the valve as a function of the degree of valve opening. The information in this leaflet is provided in good faith. No liability will be accepted concerning technical data that is not directly covered by recognised international standards. FIP reserves the right to carry out any modification. Products must be installed and maintained by qualified personnel.

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DKDVDIALOCK® diaphragm valve with male ends for solvent welding, metric series B1 DKLDV DIALOCK® diaphragm valve with stroke limiter and male ends for solvent welding, metric series d

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DKUIVDIALOCK® diaphragm valve with female union ends for solvent welding, metric series 41 50 58 72 79 98 DKLUIV DIALOCK® Diaphragm valve with stroke limiter and female union ends for solvent welding, metric series Code PTFE DKLUIV020P DKLUIV025P DKLUIV032P DKLUIV040P DKLUIV050P DKLUIV063P

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DKUFVDIALOCK® diaphragm valve with BSP threaded female union ends R DKLUFV version available on request DKUAVDIALOCK® diaphragm valve with female union ends for solvent welding, ASTM series d DN DKLUAV version available on request

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DKULVDIALOCK® diaphragm valve with female union ends for solvent welding, BS series d DKLULV version available on request v-i    DKOVDIALOCK® diaphragm valve with fixed flanges, drilled PN10/16. Face to face according -1    to EN 558-1 d DN DKLOV version available on request

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DKOAV DIALOCK® diaphragm valve with fixed flanges, drilled ANSI B16.5 cl. 150 #FF PMDK Wall mounting plate

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All valves, whether manual or actuated, must be adequately supported in many applications. The DK valve series is therefore provided with an integrated bracket that permits direct anchoring of the valve body without the need of other components. For wall or panel installation, dedicated PMDK mounting plates which are available as accessories can be used. These plates should be fastened to the valve before wall installation. PMDK plates also d 20 25 32 40 50 63 75 allow DK valve alignment with FIP ZIKM pipe clips. CUSTOMISATION The DIALOCK® DK DN 15^65 valve can be customised using a...

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COMPONENTS EXPLODED VIEW DN 15÷65 6  Compressor (PA-GR IXEF® - 1) 7  Diaphragm seal 2  Customisation plate (EPDM, FPM, PTFE - 1)* (PVC-U - 1) 8  Valve body (PVC-U – 1)* 3  O-Ring (EPDM - 1) 9  Socket seal O-ring 4  Operating mechanism (PP-GR / PVDF – 1) 5  Threaded stem – Indicator (STAINLESS steel - 1) * Spare parts ** Accessories The material of the component and the quantity supplied are indicated in brackets 12  Washer (STAINLESS steel - 4) 13  Bolt (STAINLESS steel - 4) 14  Protection plug (PE - 4) 15  Distance plate (PP-GR - 1)**

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1) Isolate the valve from the line (release the pressure and empty the pipeline). 2) Unlock the handwheel if necessary by pushing it downwards (fig.5), and open the valve completely by turning it counter-clockwise. 3) Unscrew the union nuts (11) and extract the valve. 4) Remove the protection plugs (14) and remove the bolts (13) with the relative washers (12). 5) Separate the valve body (8) from the operating mechanism (4). 6) Rotate the handwheel clockwise until the threaded stem (5), the compressor (6) and the diaphragm (7) are released. 7) Unscrew the diaphragm (7) and remove the shutter...

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INSTALLATION Before proceeding with installation, please follow these instructions carefully: (instructions refer to versions with union ends). The valve can be installed in any position and in any direction. 1) Check that the pipes to be connected to the valve are aligned in order to avoid mechanical stress on the threaded joints. 2) Unscrew the union nuts (11) and insert them on the pipe segments. 3) Solvent weld or screw the end connectors (10) onto the pipe ends. 4) Position the valve body between the end connectors making sure the socket seal O-Rings (9) do not exit the seats. 5) Fully...

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