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New diaphragm valves with maximised flow rate available in manual or pneumatically actuated versions. Manual versions are equipped with the innovative DIALOCK® lockable handwheel.

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The new diaphragm valve with maximised flow rate and innovative handwheel High visibility graduated optical position indicator protected by a transparent cap with seal O-Ring. Customisation plate The customisation lets you identify the valve on the system according to specific needs. Optimised fluid dynamic design Substantially increased flow coefficient and reduced pressure drop thanks to the new internal geometry of the body. Sensitive and precise adjustment along the entire stroke of the shutter thanks to the greatly improved characteristic curve of the valve. Floating pin connection...

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DIALOCK® System: innovative handwheel with an immediate and ergonomic operating locking device, that allows it to be adjusted and locked in over 300 positions. Waterproof design The special design and components of the handwheel make the operating mechanism totally waterproof, isolating all the internal metal parts from contact with external agents. Corrosion resistant The operating mechanism entirely in fibreglass reinforced PP (PP-GR) and the absence of metal components exposed to the external environment make the valve suitable for chemically aggressive applications. PMDK multifunction...

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New maximised flow rate valve bodies Valve body The new DK series has a valve body with an optimised internal fluid dynamic design that increases performance by up to 90% with respect to previous models. The new internal geometry of the valve has, in fact, allowed its efficiency to be greatly improved, obtaining substantial increases in the flow coefficient values (Kv100) and a resulting reduction in pressure loss. Moreover, the new interior profile minimises wear caused by the conveyance of abrasive fluids. The degree of efficiency reached has also enabled the size and weight of the valve...

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SAFE AND PRACTICAL TO USE New Dialock® integrated handwheel locking system Dialock® system The innovative handwheel is equipped with a patented immediate and ergonomic locking device that allows it to be adjusted and locked in any position. The valve can be locked by simply lifting the handwheel once the required position has been reached. To release, simply push the handwheel downwards. Handwheel and bonnet are in high mechanical strength and chemically resistant PP-GR, guaranteeing full protection by isolating all internal metal components from contact with external agents To further...

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Travel stop adjustment To set the lock to the minimum flow rate or closed position, rotate the handwheel until the required position is reached and then lock the set position by tightening nut (A) and locknut (B). Stroke limiter adjustment To set the lock to the maximum flow rate, rotate the handwheel until the required flow is reached and then lock the opening stroke position by rotating knob (C) anticlockwise until it reaches the stop. DKL series with travel stop and stroke limiter integrated in the handwheel The DKL valve, a limited version of the DK diaphragm valve, is equipped with an...

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INSTANTANEOUS CHECK AND ADJUSTMENT Graduated optical position indicator An immediate indication of the opening percentage of the valve is provided by the high visibility graduated optical position indicator, protected by a transparent cap with seal O-Ring. The graduated scale of the indicator has 4 valve opening percentages: 25, 50, 75, 100% Thanks to the adjustment linearity of the valve, the flow rate can be regulated intuitively by simply glancing at the indicator. UNIQUE ID FOR EACH FUNCTION Integrated customisation plate A white PVC customisation plate is housed in the transparent...

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DK/CP DN 15-65: maximum functionality and performance The new DK/CP is a pneumatically actuated diaphragm valve with maximised flow rate body and a robust and compact piston actuator in fibreglass reinforced PP (PP-GR), available in either a single-acting (NC-NO) or double-acting (DA) version. The construction characteristics of the DK/CP make it the ideal solution for applications requiring a high operating frequency and a long lifetime under aggressive service conditions and in chemically aggressive environments. The DK/CP PN10 is available in PVC-U, PP-H, PVC-C, PVDF versions....

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High visibility graduated optical position indicator protected by transparent cap with a seal O-Ring. Piston in high strength IXEF The high quality finishing of the external surface guarantees perfect slidability over the seal and ensures a long working life without any actuator maintenance. Key features of the new actuator 6 independent cartridge springs arranged radially to uniformly distribute the load on the piston. Dual function main gasket. Piston seal: the gasket does not move but sits securely on the actuator cylinder instead of the piston. External seal: the gasket positioned above...

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