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KNOW-HOW INSIDE FIP We like challenging the market to find innovative solutions: growing means having new ideas, improving and getting on, always... Since more than 60 years we design and produce injection moulded valves and fittings in thermoplastic materials for pressure pipeline systems. We increase our knowledge taking care to the experience and the needs of those who work to offer the most suitable solutions according the application. WORLDWIDE LEADING ACTORS Our products are reference points for the sector. We are constantly developing products featuring design, innovation,...

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Creativity, innovation, consciousness, competence: in FIP all our energies are devoted to the market needs.

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Applied Research in chemical-physical characteristics of thermoplastic materials have found that these materials are strongly resistant to chemical and electrochemical corrosion, during the industrial moving of fluids. Taking advantage of thermoplastic resins’ versatility, you can implement valves and fittings, that are suitable to various needs, according to the application required. FIP is studying and offering proper solutions for industrial systems in chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, electronic, mining and other fields; in order to produce highly efficient products, operating in...

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The PP-H range in homopolymer Propylene includes a complete series of ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, sediment strainers, pipes, fittings for socket and butt welding, to be used in the construction of process and service lines for the convey under pressure of industrial fluids at maximum operating temperatures of 100°C. The entire range is made of the last generation of homopolymer polypropylene resins MRS 100 (PP-H 100) according to the classification DIN 8077-8078, DIN 16962 and approved by DIBT - Deutsche Institut fur Bautechnik for use in industrial...

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The range in PVDF includes a complete series of ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, pipes and fittings for heat socket welding, to be used in the construction of process lines and service lines to convey industrial fluids in the operating temperature range from -40°C to 140°C. The entire range is produced in Solef' resins by SOLVAY S.A. classified according to ASTM D 3222 and compliant with requirements stated in ISO/WD 10931 for the use of PVDF pipeline systems in industrial processes. PVDF SYSTEM Main properties and characteristics: - Excellent chemical...

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The C-PVC TEMPERFIP100 system includes a complete range of ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, check valves and sediment strainers, pipes and fittings for solvent welding to convey industrial fluids under pressure at a maximum operating temperatures of 100°C. The system includes also the Primer Cleaners and the TEMPERGLUE Solvent Cements that assure long lasting high quality joints. The entire range is made of CORZAN™ C-PVC resins, classified to ASTM D1784 - 23447-B and complying with DIN 8079, DIN 8080 and EN ISO 15493 requirements for industrial processes plastic pipeline...

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The success of thermoplastic materials in particularly demanding fields, together with the ease of installation, the minimum maintenance and long life, has brought them even in most conventional pressure pipeline systems. Everywhere, an increasing number of water distribution systems, such as water treatment (house and industrial), irrigation, gardening, farming (field and greenhouse), sports facilities, swimming-pool, aqua parks, baths, are made of thermoplastic materials. Thanks to the extreme versatility of FIP valves and components, and their high costs/performance ratings, you can...

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MANUAL VALVES The U-PVC range includes ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves as well as check valves, sediment strainers, air release, foot valves, angle seat valves to be used in the construction of process and service lines to convey industrial fluids at maximum operating temperatures of 60°C. The entire range is produced using U-PVC resins complying with the standards EN ISO 1452 and in observance to the requirements of DIN 8063 and EN ISO 15493 for the use of plastic pipes in industrial processes. Main properties and characteristics - Good chemical resistance: U-PVC resins...

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U-PVC FITTINGS The U-PVC range is a complete range of fittings for solvent welding, threaded connection for use in the construction of process and service lines to convey industrial fluids at maximum operating temperatures of 60°C. The entire range is produced using U-PVC resins compliant with the standards EN 1452 and ISO 4422 and in observance of the requirements of DIN 8063 and EN ISO 15493 for the use of plastic pipes in industrial processes. Main properties and characteristics: - Good chemical resistance: U-PVC resins guarantee excellent chemical resistance with regard to most acids...

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The PE100 pressure fittings product range is a wide product portfolio that include short spigot fittings for butt-welding, long spigot fittings for butt-welding or electrofusion, backing rings, fittings made from pipe, machining and welding. PE100 pressure fittings can be used in areas of application where the pipe systems has to meet high standards of durability and reliability. These standards are met by combining the excellent material properties of PE with homogeneous welded joints and, the high performance made the PE suitable to be used for water treatment installations, waste water...

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FIP Formatura Iniezione Polimeri Loc. Pian di Parata, 16015 Casella Genova Italy Tel. +39 010 9621.1 Fax +39 010 9621.209 -

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