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Safety First!Multi-stage filter elements »> Lubricating oil free of particles and water - Permanent »> Compliance with maintenance cycles - Guaranteed >» Gearbox life time - Optimized

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SAFETY FIRST - MULTI-STAGE FILTER ELEMENTS At the gearbox, the drivetrain converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, which sets the turbine within the power generator in motion. The heart of every wind turbine only runs at full speed when lubricated sufficiently. Filtration Group uses filter modules and filter components to ensure that the wind turbine can deliver optimum performance in the long term and that unscheduled maintenance work is avoided. In this way, we increase the efficiency of wind turbines and actively contribute to making wind power safer, healthier and...

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CONTAINS MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK FG MULTI-STAGE FILTER ELEMENTS increase the operational safety of the whole system During a cold start of the lubrication system, the viscosity of the lubricating oil can be so high that a very high pressure builds up on the filter element so that the bypass valves open to prevent damage to the filter element and to supply the gearbox with filtered oil (50 µm) as quickly as possible. Reusable parts - reduce costs and environmental impact The 3rd filter stage and the valve carrier can be removed from the element. When the element is changed, only the outer...

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WORLDWIDE AT OVER 100 LOCATIONS IN 28 COUNTRIES Filtration Group GmbH Schleifbachweg 45 74613 Ohringen Germany Email: Filtration Group GmbH Essener Bogen 21 22419 Hamburg Germany Email: Filtration Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Room 501, Block B, No. 8 Hangyi Road Fengxian District, 201401 Shanghai China Email: FG Fluid Solutions USA 2400 Zinga Drive Reedsburg, WI 53959 USA Email:

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