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CLEAN AIR IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY CUSTOMER BENEFITS ■ Specially developed filter element with a pleat fixation ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ system integrated on the clean gas side (FG iFix) No more product deposits on the banderole Increased process reliability No risk of residues in the product Especially with membrane filter materials, the service life can be increased by iFix Universally applicable to a very large number of dedusting filter elements Already patent pending Series production from Q1 2022 FDA compliant Existing plants can be equipped 1:1 with iFix elements Pneumatic conveying Powder handling / drying Silo filters, bunker filters, mixer filters, dryers Tablet pro

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iFix Technology - 2

MORE SAFETY AND EFFICIENT PRODUCT RECOVERY The food and pharmaceutical industries place the highest demands on process quality, cleanliness, plant safety and environmental protection. FGI dust filter elements with the innovative iFix technology are optimally adapted to the specific dust load of the respective process. They ensure high separation efficiencies, economical product recovery and meet all safety and environmental requirements. WHAT PROBLEMS DOES THE FG IFIX TECHNOLOGY SOLVE? Star-pleated FGI dust filter elements with iFix technology are used to separate fine particles from gases. The...

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