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FILTRATION AND SEPARATION SOLUTIONS FOR THE WIND INDUSTRY UPWIND FOR CLEAN ENERGY " Reliable solutions to protect wind turbines and the environment

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YOU SECURE THE ENERGY SUPPLY OF THE FUTURE, WE SECURE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT safer by helping to avoid malfunctions and the fallout of control devices THE PRODUCTION OF ENERGY FROM REGENERATIVE SOURCES is an important contribution to climate protection and a sustainable business field. Wind power systems convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy via their rotors and the associated drive system - of course only when the wheels keep moving. WITH EFFICIENT FILTER SYSTEMS that clean hydraulic fluids and lubricating oil from system-related impurities...

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Hydraulic break system Nacelle Conditioning Unit (NCU) Medium and high pressure filter Air breathers Filter elements / EcoParts The wind industry makes an important contribution to the energy revolution and to a future-oriented power supply. In order to have a secure future, wind turbines have to be running economical. This requires reliable and durable operation even under adverse weather conditions. With highly developed filter modules and separation systems, Filtration Group creates the prerequisites for this and works hand in hand with manufacturers and operators of wind turbines to...

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WHATEVER THE WIND MAY BRING: WITH OUR SOLUTIONS WE GENERATE PURE ENERGY FROM IT Highly developed filter and separation systems ensure trouble-free operation of all hydraulic and mechanical equipment of a wind turbine and ensure clean separation of water and fuels on the service and transformer platform. AIR BREATHER PI 0126 Air breathers for hydraulic and lubricating oil tanks prevent contamination with dust, dirt or salt particles from the ambient air. Design and material have proven themselves over decades of use. Our air breathers are practical to use, robust and durable. OIL FILTER...

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Innovative technologies and best practices for optimal results SEAWATER FILTER In order to be able to use seawater as cooling or process water, Filtration Group seawater filters separate salt and other solid particles cleanly and reliably. From fully automatic backwash filters to self-cleaning or manually replaceable screen basket filters in versions as simplex, duplex or backwash filters, there is a suitable system for every application scenario. A large selection of different materials, filter elements and connection sizes allow flexible solutions for individual requirements. Filter...

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EVERYTHING FROM A SINGLE SOURCE INCLUDED IN DELIVERY: OUR DRIVE TO INSPIRE YOU GOOD SOLUTIONS Clever idea supports continuous operation of the wind turbine The gearbox of a wind turbine is exposed to strong vibrations and temperature fluctuations depending on the weather conditions and the time of year. To ensure that the systems run smoothly, the transmission oil must be filtered with at least 10 µm and this with a viscosity range of 320 CSt at 40 degrees Celsius to 10,000 CSt at -7 degrees Celsius. In cooperation with a renowned wind turbine manufacturer, Filtration Group developed a...

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WORLDWIDE AT OVER 100 LOCATIONS IN 28 COUNTRIES ADDRESS CONTACT Filtration Group GmbH Phone & Fax Germany Online Email: Filtration Group GmbH Phone & Fax Germany Online Email: Filtration Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Room 501, Block B, No. 8 Hangyi Road Fengxian District, 201401 Shanghai China E co1 o Zinga Industries Inc. Phone & Fax |

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