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HYDRAULIC FILTERS QUALITY THAT TURNS MOVEMENT INTO PROGRESS Systems, modules and elements for hydraulic, lubricating and operating fluid filtration

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safer By ensuring that your oils and lubricants are free of contamination for a longer period of time, our filter systems protect your employees and equipment from the hazards of excessive wear and unnecessary maintenance healthier by helping to reduce the consumption of oils and lubricants and to keep working environments clean with our long-term highly efficient filter systems, elements and modules more productive by extending the service life and condition of your fluids, your equipment remains in production for longer periods of time

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EXPERTISE FROM DECADES OF EXPERIENCE HYDRAULIC FILTERS from Filtration Group ensure that the pressure fluid in the circuit of a plant or machine meets the required cleanliness class. This ensures a high degree of efficiency in energy transmission as well as protects the system components from damage and premature wear. FILTER SYSTEMS FOR LUBRICATING OILS, FUELS AND GEAR OILS also contribute to longer service lives and economical operation of machines, engines and drive systems. The filtration performance of Filtration Group solutions pay off economically because they provide longer...

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INDUSTRIES / APPLICATIONS THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR EVERY APPLICATION AREA The hydraulic filter systems achieve excellent results in terms of separation performance and dirt holding capacity. In addition, they are durable, easy to install and available in many sizes. Machine tools Filter systems from Filtration Group make a decisive contribution to protecting sensitive hydraulics in mechanical and plant engineering by keeping liquids in the circuit clean. Efficient solutions for every application in the hydraulic circuit prevent liquid or solid impurities from attacking the components and...

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Power generation Hydraulic systems play a central role both in power generation from renewable energy sources and in conventional power plants. Filtration Group has developed space-saving hydraulic filters specifically for wind turbines for azimuth, transmission and brake systems. Filtration Group also offers ventilation filters for cleaning intake air that cools the hydraulic system and the transformer. In traditional power plants, efficient filters keep the hydraulic fluids and lubricants free of impurities, and oil filter modules separate suspended water from the oil. Patented...

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FILTER ELEMENTS Core values assure superior quality Filtration Group focuses on superior quality in the development and manufacturing of filter elements. The filter elements deliver top results in any desired cleanliness class and maintain a high dirt holding capacity. Patented design with robust parts ensures a long life of the filter system and stable performance throughout its life. Thanks to optimum particle separation, FG filters protect against rapid wear of expensive components and thus prevent high maintenance costs. THE RIGHT OPTION FOR YOUR APPLICATION Filtration Group offers...

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QUICK CHANGE SPIN-ONS FOR LONG MACHINE LIFE Filtration Group offers a comprehensive range of spin-on cartridges for lubricating oil filtration. These are available in different versions and dimensions as well as for different pressure levels. In addition to the conventional cellulose filter media, spin-on cartridges are also available with fiberglass media for applications that demand significantly higher separation performance. No matter where the spin-on cartridge needs to be mounted, we have a suitable solution. Spin-on cartridge NOTHING CAN SHOCK OUR E-PROTECT ELEMENTS Filter elements...

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PRESSURE FILTERS This employee works best under pressure Filtration Group has developed a wide range of pressure filters for use in hydraulic systems, lubrication systems and test benches, which ensure long-term cleanliness of liquids and oils. A robust housing also withstands high operating pressure, and the flow-optimized designs ensure maximum performance. With an extensive product portfolio that is continuously developed in line with system requirements, Filtration Group covers a wide range of application scenarios. If the right solution is not available, Filtration Group experts will...

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DUPLEX FILTERS Division of labor enables continuous operation at the highest performance level Duplex filters from Filtration Group are particularly suitable for use in machines and motors that must operate continuously. The filter elements can easily be changed during operation with a simple turn of our ergonomically designed handle. A special lever in the handle allows switching and pressure compensation with one hand. Thanks to this patented one-hand switch, the system can continue to run without interruption. When filter elements need to be replaced, a standard maintenance indicator...

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SUCTION FILTERS This is where everything that limits performance is screened out In many different applications, suction filters clean the oil from the tank before it is introduced to the working circuit by the pump. In addition to classic in-line filters, Filtration Group also supplies star-pleated wire mesh suction filters and various tank mounting filters from the product range of its sister company Zinga. A contamination indicator indicates when the filter element must be replaced. Filtration Group offers a wide selection of system-compatible elements that clean the oil with microfiber...

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SUCTION RETURN LINE FILTERS Working twice as hard Suction return line filters combine the features of suction and return filters in one system. Their compact design is ideal for use in mobile hydraulic systems such as agricultural and construction machinery. The return flow is directed through the filter element and immediately drawn back in again by the pump. An integrated valve prevents pressure loss, so less energy is required than with two separate systems. The excess oil flows back into the tank. If too little oil is available in the return flow, a valve draws additional hydraulic oil...

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