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AUTOMATIC AND PROCESS FILTERS PRECISION THAT DOES NOT STOP Long-lasting and efficient filtration solutions for applications in continuous operation AUFWIND FÜR SAUBEREN STROM

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WITH OUR AUTOMATICAND PROCESS FILTERS WE ARE MAKING THE WORLD safer our fully automatic filter systems help to protect employees and the reliability of the operating systems A CALCULATION WITHOUT HIDDEN COSTS AUTOMATIC AND PROCESS FILTERS from Filtration Group achieve consistently high filtration results in continuous operation over a long period of time. Therefore, they are predestined for use in industrial manufacturing processes, in power plants or in shipping. Since the automatic filters clean themselves during operation, they require no consumables, cause no process interruption and...

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MARKET SEGMENTS / APPLICATIONS CHEMICAL INDUSTRY INDUSTRIAL FOOD MANUFACTURING BEST RESULTS COME AUTOMATICALLY For maximum efficiency under difficult conditions A broad product range, technical expertise from decades of experience and proven use in practice make automatic filter systems from Filtration Group the first choice in numerous application areas. The advantages come into play everywhere: Automatic Filters clean themselves, show outstanding efficiency in combination with innovative filter elements and technologies. Thanks to their robust design they are designed for durability....

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MARINE INDUSTRY AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINES For full engine power in industry and on the high seas WITH THE CLEAN FILTRATION OF LUBRICANTS AND FUELS, FG systems extend the maintenance intervals as well as the mileage and service life of large engines in industrial plants and ships. In addition, the efficient separation of pollutants favors the environmentally friendly operation of large engines. FG fuel treatment systems reduce the proportion of residual water in the fuel to a minimum, thereby preventing, among other things, engine components from rusting. The degree of purity of lubricating oil...

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METAL EDGE FILTERS HONEY, PASTE OR GEL-LIKE SUBSTANCES: Wherever highly viscous liquids or pastes are used in the production process, the FG metal edge filter is choice to cleanly separate unwanted particles. Its robust construction with filter elements made of triangular stainless steel wire predestines this automatic filter for use in applications with high particle concentrations and volume flows up to 900 m3/h. The particle discharge can be regulated individually. With available gap widths between 30 and 2,000 pm, the Filtration Group range covers a wide range of applications. In...

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BACK-FLUSHING FILTERS THE ADAPTABLE Different cleaning principles depending on the application THE RELIABLE CLEANER SEGMENT CLEANING WITH INTERNAL PRESSURE By rotating the Alter element, the rinsing nozzle removes foreign matter and dirt particles in segments. Back-flushing nozzle with the filtrate is triggered by an operating pressure on the outlet side. FULL FILTRATION PERFORMANCE WITH SIMULTANEOUS CLEANING The central function of the FG back-flushing filter is its strongest selling point. Because where he does his job, nothing can stop him. The self-cleaning function, which is controlled...

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FILTERS CARTRIDGES THE BEST CHOICE FOR HIGH-END FILTRATION capacity. In addition, glass fiber is more thermally and chemically resistant than plastic. The filter retention rate is defined according to ISO 16889. THE INNOVATIVE MATERIAL STRUCTURE AND SPECIAL DESIGN predestine FG high-end filter cartridges for the filtration of alkaline, neutral and acidic washing media used in industrial parts cleaning. The fact that they absorb significantly more dirt than conventional filters is primarily due to the unique structure of multi-layer glass fiber elements that are arranged in a pleated star...

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EVERYTHING FROM A SINGLE SOURCE INCLUDED IN DELIVERY: OUR DRIVE TO INSPIRE YOU GOOD SOLUTIONS Perfectly fitting solution for PVC pastes With its diverse properties, PVC is one of the most important plastics used in the automotive industry. As a material for underbody protection, for example, PVC platisole prevent a car from rusting downwards. In order for PVC to optimally protect the vehicle and at the same time to meet the high visual requirements of the paint shop, the filtration of the PVC media must be fine-tuned. APPLICATION MANAGEMENT With us you are well advised We stay by your side...

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WORLDWIDE AT OVER 100 LOCATIONS IN 28 COUNTRIES FG Industrial USA 2400 Zinga Drive Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959 USA Phone: +1 608 / 524 - 4200 Email: Filtration Group GmbH Schleifbachweg 45 74613 Ohringen Germany Phone: +49 7941 / 6466 - 0 Email: Filtration Group Japan Corporation IS Yumicho Bldg, 1-28-24 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 113-0033 Japan Phone: +81 3 / 5802 - 7340 Email: Filtration Group Srl. Calea Stan Vidrighin 5A Timisoara 300645 Romania Phone: +40 256 / 408 - 230 Email:...

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