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FACTORY EQUIPMENT Versatile solutions for efficient filtration and separation Filtration Group® Industrial

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Whether to clean cooling lubricants in machine tools, air purification in production facilities, or as filtration solutions in hydraulic systems: our innovative and proven filter solutions in devices, machines, and systems ensure smooth production processes, keep production lines moving reliably, and are the perfect foundation for the efficient and safe production of high quality products. safer healthier more productive in that our filter systems ensure that in that our high-perfor- in that our filter systems protect your machines can operate at full capac- mance filter systems keep...

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MARKET SEGMENTS / APPLICATIONS CLEAN FLUIDS AND AMBIENT AIR - WITH INDIVIDUAL, ENERGY-EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS ^ Manufacturing and production lines ■ Hydraulic and lubricant filtration ■ Cooling water filtration ■ Dedusting ■ Wash bath filtration ■ Electroplating bath filtration ■ Overspray and powder-coating ■ Product filtration (sealants) H Air filtration ■ Central and single-station extraction ■ Compressor ventilation ■ Filtration components for industrial vacuum cleaners ■ Pneumatic transportation ■ Aerosol mist separation ■ SilentCare room air filter Industrial filtration solution?...

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MACHINE TOOLS MACHINE TOOLS RUN LIKE CLOCKWORK Filtration Group Industrial hydraulic and automatic filters ensure reliable plant operation by cleaning the cooling lubricants in metalworking operations. INDUSTRIAL PARTS CLEANING INDUSTRIAL COMPONENT CLEANING WITH MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY PRECISE OPERATION, EFFICIENT DIRT SEPARATION, and maximum employee protection are the main features of our filter systems. As our automatic filters independently clean during operation, they do not cause any process interruptions. This means that operations can be maintained, even when using duplex filters: if a...

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INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES IN TOP FORM EVEN UNDER HIGH PRESSURE EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS FOR INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES Hydraulic and lubricant filters ensure the necessary purity of the fluid in injection molding machines. Our modular product range with high-quality filters gives you access to durable solutions for every application – a reliable foundation for uninterrupted operation. MANUFACTURING AND PRODUCTION LINES PROTECTION FROM THE INSIDE WITH INNOVATIVE FILTER ELEMENTS In plastics processing, star-pleated filter elements reliably keep both the product as well as the machines and systems...

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QUIET, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE: THE SILENTCARE ROOM AIR FILTER IN THE SILENTCARE ROOM AIR FILTER Filtration Group Industrial presents a device that is ahead of its time. Equipped with a H14 HEPA filter to EN1822, the elegant device eliminates 99.995 % of all particles >0,13µm - including viruses. When in operation, the SilentCare is so quiet that you can barely hear it. Its outstanding features and compact size make the new Filtration Group Industrial room air filter perfect for use in offices and meeting rooms, as well as in high traffic areas. air. The microfiber layer in which the air is...

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STEEL/ROLLING MILLS DURABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE STEEL INDUSTRY SMOOTH PROCESSES IN STEEL PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING To maximize efficiency, production processes in steel production and processing must be able to run without interruption. Seamlessly integrated process steps are needed to make the best possible use of all the efficiency potentials. Filtration Group Industrial hydraulic and lubricant filters master challenging filtration tasks in smelting and rolling mill installations as well as in foundry machinery. They protect stressed hydraulic systems from dirt and secure the availability...

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EVERYTHING UNDER ONE ROOF INCLUDED IN THE SERVICE: OUR DRIVE TO INSPIRE YOU SURFACE TECHNOLOGY SIMPLY FLAWLESS SURFACES Filtration Group Industrial complements its high-quality and diverse range of filter systems and elements with excellent service. This service is based on many years of experience with the complex requirements in filter technology, a distinct focus on customers, and competent employees. PROVEN SOLUTIONS FOR SURFACE TECHNOLOGY Our cleaning systems have proven themselves in surface technology, powder-coating systems, and blasting machines worldwide. They make short work of...

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WORLDWIDE AT OVER 100 LOCATIONS IN 28 COUNTRIES Salzgitter Heerenveen Crewe Reedsburg Timisoara Rungis Ibaraki Shanghai Tokyo Busan Production + Sales Distribution Filtration Group Japan Corporation Schleifbachweg 45 74613 Öhringen Germany 2400 Zinga Drive Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959 USA 1-23-6 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan Filtration Group (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. B 501, Hangyi Road 8 Fengxian District, Shanghai 201401 China Calea Stan Vidrighin 5A Timisoara 300645 Romania De Werf 16 8447 GE Heerenveen The Netherlands Filtration Group France Clear Edge Filtration CFE GmbH 2 Place...

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