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Data sheet ue niq w! Ne ech t w Connection cable No ing old s! il m nt p ra one ram p d lde com mo neh O wit Mounting rail BS 14 Foot rail RS 14 corner connector EVA The safety contact-mat STM is used for safeguarding sections in hazardous areas of working for machinery, e.g. presses, robots and other types of swiveling equipment. Walking on the mat triggers a control signal to the immediate- stop device of the potentially hazardous motion. This quick-action contact-making is made possible by surface-area switch on the inside of the mat that is encased in polyurethane to ensure impermeability to water. A platform made of plastic or metal serves as the carrier. The surface can be protected by adhesion-bonding an anti-slip rubber covering to thereby give high grip to the surface. Checkered surfaces in aluminum or high-grade steel can be used for high mechanical demands placed on the upper mat surface. Special evaluation units monitor the switching function of the reliable safety contact-making mats. Safety category Type 3 - Performance Level d High moisture resistance Easy to clean from dust and dirt More than 6 million cycles Single component encapsulation in several colors Typ 3 EN 61496 Standard dimensions and individual shaping possible Up to 10 mats in series connectable Very short response time - Static load up to 2000 N Polyurethane,- Aluminium- or Stainless steel surfaces available Fiessler Elektronik D - 73734 Esslingen

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The structure: The basic construction of the STM Safety Contact Mat consist of two conductive plates which are separated by a proprietary isolating layer. These plates are completely potted in a polyurethane material so that they are impervious to oil, water and dirt. The top consists of a slip resistant checkered pattern. This surface provides excellent resistance against oil and grease. Two cable exits are provided. These cables consist of one M8 male plug and one M8 female plug in standard construction (Optional Cable Exits are available upon request). Mounting to the floor can be...

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FIESSLERELEKTRONIKRamp rail RS 14: The ramp rail RS 14 provides secure mounting capability for the safety contact mat. The angled design reduces tripping and slipping when mounted to the mat. The integrated channel can be used for clean and safe installation of the connecting cable. Mounting rail BS 14: The mounting rail BS 14 can be used to attach the safety contact mat in less accessible areas (for example at machines, shut-off positions, walls, etc.). Also the integrated channel can be used for clean and safe installation of the connecting cable. Ramp rail RS 14 Marking...

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Fiessler Elektronik Kastellstr. 9 D - 73734 Esslingen

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Assembly Information: The mounting surface must be absolutely even, clean and dry.All cables must be laid protected against damage (squeezing, shearing, etc.). Mats must not be glued.Place the safety step mat on the floor and position it correctly. Mats must not be bent or bent. Safety- Contact-Mats may not be changed in any way. Cut outs or shortening is not possible. When installing several mats next to each other they are put together edge to edge. Then connect the mats electrically and check the resistance value. With not activated mat the value must be 8,2 kQ ± 500 Q. During cable...

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Special installation instructions for the installation of the metallic corrugated coverings made of aluminum and stainless steel: Connecting rail Mounting mats with metallic plates of aluminum (ARB) or stainless steel (TBV), make sure that the plates are only placed and fixed by the surrounding rails. The plates must not be stuck! Multiple metal plates must be connected by connecting rails . Please note for measurement: The area to be protected is the measure of the safety mat. For this purpose, the dimensions of 62 mm (for the ramp rail RS 14) and 35 mm (for the mounting rail BS 14) must...

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FIESSLERELEKTRONIKAssembly of mats with molded ramp rails: Please note for dimensioning: The area to be safeguarded is the dimensions of the mat without the ramp rails. Therefor 35mm have to be added for each ramp rail side. The result is the over-all dimension for the floor space. The ramp rail serves for fixation to the ground. 250 cm x 140 cm is the maximum producible size of a mat. All dimensions larger than this have to be realized by using several mats. Installation: Cut out the cable output at appropriate side in that way that the coming out cables are not squeezed or sheared while...

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FIESSLER ELEKTRONIK Calculation safety distance: According to the standards EN ISO 13855 and EN 1760-1 floor mounted protection devices, thus also safety contact mats, must be calculated according to the following formula: S the minimum distance (minimum size of the mat) in millimeters, measured on a horizontal level between the hazard motion and the active edge of the protection device (safety mat) furthest from the hazardous point of the machine. T response-time of the overall system T = t1+t2 t1 the maximum time between the actuation of the safety mat and the controller output relays...

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FIESSLERELEKTRONIK Safety contact mat in hazardous (explosion) areas description of the Zener Barrier: If a safety contact mat is to be used in a hazardous area, a Zener barrier must be used. The Zener Barrier is an electrical device used as a safety barrier in explosion protection. Their task is to prevent the ignitability of circuits that are placed in an explosive atmosphere and to prevent the penetration of ignitable energy, voltage or current into an explosive atmosphere. hazardous (explosion) area not hazardous (explosion) area M8 coupling connector: XI am Schaltgerat Switching device...

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Notes: Notizen: Für Ihre...

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Notes: Notizen: Für Ihre...

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ogram Lieferprogramm: ery pr Deliv Fiessler Elektronik Kastellstr. 9 D-73734 Esslingen Telefon: 0711 / 91 96 97-0 Telefax: 0711 / 91 96 97-50 Safety light grid Safety light curtain Single safety light beam Proximity scanner Saftey light grid with muting function AKAS® Stopp !! AKAS AKAS AKAS Safety mats Press brake safety system Safety foot pedal Safety PLC Safety controllers Measuring and controlling light curtains Hole detectors FIESSLER ELEKTRONIK FIESSLER ELEKTRONIK Analogue loop sensors Light barriers for general purposes Fiessler Elektronik D -...

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