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Directional people counter Sentinel traffic light RAZL 2CO People and visitor counter in shops and buildings in compliance with the GDPR. eit sk ten und Sic nen he po rh om For reliable monitoring and controlling the access of people in sales areas with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic

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RAZL-2 - 2

Medical practice waiting areas Town halls STOP STOP STOP Clinics Hospitals STOP Trade fairs Security Security Companies Restaurants Cafés Animal Hospitals Care and cultural facilities Retail shops Libraries & Bookstores Service areas

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RAZL-2 - 4

Sentinel traffic light RAZL 2CO Functionality • Simple floor mounting with two opposite columns • onnection of the Master Column to a conventional C 230 V/ 115 V socket (Cable with plug included in the scope of delivery) • No power supply is required for the passive column • he number of people entering and exiting is recorded via T directional dependent light barrier • witching from green to red when reaching the maximum S configured number of persons • n case of an access violation (entry at red traffic light) I the integrated warning horn can be switched on automatically • Integration as...

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RAZL-2 - 5

Sentinel traffic light RAZL 2CO Fields of application • eveloped for the use also in small D and medium sized buildings and sales areas • o special conditions or reconstruction N measures required Data protection • easurement of the movement of people is only carried M out via registration by the light barrier • o photo or video recording N • o collection or storage of personal data N • ompliance with the GDPR is guaranteed C Secondary or auxiliary entrances • f required, installation of several guard traffic lights at different inputs I and outputs can be extended • wo or more RAZL 2CO...

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RAZL-2 - 6

We protect people from accidents and have convincing high quality innovative, user-friendly safety solutions for the customers and are always willing to provide the customer with help and advice. Fiessler Elektronik has been producing optoelectronic components for the industry since 1956. The resulting development and production of the first fully electronic safety light curtain and safety light grid on the basis of the transmitter-receiver principle began in 1965. Nearly 30 years later in 1996, Fiessler Elektronik was the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce the groundbreaking...

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RAZL-2 - 7

Sentinel traffic light RAZL-2CO Directional people counter for monitoring and controlling the access of people in sales areas in compliance with the GDPR • Controlling • Detection • Review • Acoustic & visualized • Individual amount of visitors which can be set per sales area RAZL 2CO Effective and affordable compliance with protection measures in commercial properties during the Covid-19 pandemic RAZL www.fiessler.de

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RAZL-2 - 8

Purchase order Company More information We wish telephone contact Purchase order I hereby order the sentinel traffic light RAZL 2CO Signature/company stamp Rückfax/Email bitte an +49 (0)711 91 96 97-50 oder an info@fiessler.de Fiessler Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Buchenteich 14 · D - 73773 Aichwald Tel.: +49-(0)711 91 96 97-0 · Fax: +49-(0)711 91 96 97-50 info@fiessler.de · www.fiessl

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